Top Tips for Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Remote Employees


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis limiting face-to-face contact in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, many companies are encouraging their employees to work from home whenever possible. While exchanging the morning commute for an extra hour in bed might be novel for a while, you and your employees might soon find yourselves feeling nostalgic for the office as an environment conducive to work.

Here are some tips for overcoming the challenges of managing remote employees.

Acknowledge the challenges of working from home

Working from home might once have been a dream for many people, but it certainly has its drawbacks. Simply put, the office environment psychologically prepares you for work: the complete opposite is true of your home.

Together with an imperfect desk situation and household distractions such as the TV and laundry, you might find it much harder to concentrate on completing your full day of work. By acknowledging these difficulties with your employees, your workforce can tackle the challenges head on to build a constantly improving remote working environment.

Monitor Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a communications service that allows you to place calls both inside and outside your business with a single application, making it particularly useful for remote working. However, this could also lead some less honest employees to abuse the service by using Amazon Chime to make extensive personal calls rather than using it simply for business.

By monitoring call costs with Amazon Chime, you will be able to identify when the system is potentially being abused, providing you with the evidence needed to deal with the issue. You can also monitor call quality, providing you information on whether the home wi-fi is causing call degradation, and even check if employees are using their company issued headsets or have reverted to gaming headsets instead. All this provides you with the information needed to constantly upgrade your call handling system remotely to ensure that customers are still receiving the same level of high customer service.

Monitor your employees’ productivity

From the TV to housework, from noisy kids to noisy dog, the home has a lot of distractions that will only hinder any attempts at concentrating on the day’s workload. Add to this the temptation to take an extra-long lunch break and finish work slightly earlier for four o’clock cocktails, and you could soon see your employees’ productivity levels plummeting.

This is obviously not good news for your business. You are paying for lower quality work, if indeed it gets completed at all. Fortunately, you can monitor your team’s productivity by tracking usage of remote working platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Amazon Chime. By analyzing the performance and usage of these systems, you will be able to asses which team members are perhaps finding the home environment difficult to work in. With this extra knowledge, you can then work together to openly discuss solutions for improving productivity and work quality whilst working remotely.


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