How to Transform Your Productivity With a Mobile Office


As a business owner, you’re probably on the go quite a bit. Why not harness the power of travel for something good? Developing a mobile office will allow you to get work done wherever you are. It also makes it easier for your to reach new clients instead of having them always come to you. If you’re interested, use these tips to exponentially increase your productivity with a mobile office.

Invest in a Mobile Hotspot

A mobile office isn’t very efficient if it doesn’t have a reliable internet connection. Sure, leeching free internet from your local coffee shop is fine in a pinch, but it’s not a long-term solution for your business. That’s why you need to invest in a mobile hotspot from a provider like T-Mobile.

With this kind of mobile hotspot, you can access T-Mobile’s blazingly fast 4G LTE network while you’re on the go. You aren’t limited to just one device either, as most hotspots can handle numerous laptops, phones, and tablets all at the same time. You’ll be able to check emails, make important video calls, and even download or upload big data files without any slowdowns.

Buy a Mobile Printer

While the need to print out forms is waning with the advent of electronic signing, you might still need to print out important contracts or marketing materials. If you have to return to your home base to print these things, you’re wasting valuable time. Mobile printers allow you to print documents wherever you are.

For example, a printer that has NFC capabilities means you don’t even need to have a Wi-Fi connection. Even better, some printers also come with built-in memory. This means you can save your most commonly printed files, such as letterheads or business forms, without having the original document.

Find a Reliable Laptop and Accessories

Obviously, you’re not going to be able to lug around your desktop from place to place. That’s why a reliable laptop is essential. Find one that has a good processor and an SSD to ensure it can keep up with all of your multitasking.

Because laptops aren’t renowned for their storage capabilities, you’ll also want to either buy an external hard drive or subscribe to cloud-based storage. This will give you instant access to your files without slowing down your browsing experience.

Finally, you’ll want a mouse to go with your laptop. Clicking on the touchpad isn’t so bad at first, but it quickly becomes tedious, especially if you are trying to edit large spreadsheets or edit photos.

Bring a Portable Charger

Depending on where you set up your mobile office for the day, you might not have access to electricity. That will definitely put a damper on your productivity. Counteract this by bringing portable chargers for all your devices. Charge your phone with a tiny power bank, and get a heftier one for your laptop and larger devices.

If you plan to be outside, you might want to look into solar power chargers. These can’t handle a lot of draw and take a while to harness enough energy to power something, but they’re great if you feel like staying isolated for the day.

Get a Smartphone

Ok, you probably already have a smartphone. But is it optimized for on-the-go use? Make sure to download all the cloud-sharing apps that you use for storing files, as this lets you access them here as well. Additionally, download a few music apps so you can get a good productivity soundtrack going.

Team Viewer and other remote control apps are great for if you need to manage a client’s computer but aren’t close enough to stop by. Finally, Mighty Meeting is a good app for storing and editing presentations on the go.

There are a number of benefits to having a mobile office. You’ll have fewer distractions around you, as your space will only be filled with the bare essentials. This will increase your focus and help you get more done. Even better, it will offer you inspiration and improve your work-life balance. What are you waiting for? Build your mobile office today to start enjoying your work more.



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