Travelling anywhere for business or pleasure is easy now!


The world is no longer an unfamiliar place, with so many people travelling far and wide for both business and pleasure. But it always pays to remember that every country and region is special and you should ideally know how to conduct yourself no matter where you go. From the language of the place and what you should wear to the food you can expect and the rules you should follow, visiting a new country requires you to remember certain things. So here is a look at all that you should keep in mind before you embark on an adventure in Europe or decide to laze around on the paradise island of Hawaii.

Your health comes first

Since you never know when a medical emergency might occur, it’s best to avail medical insurance that will work for you in the country you are travelling to. Check if you need any special vaccinations or medical tests before your journey.

Have papers in place

You don’t want to be caught without your passport or visa at any point of time right? So, get hold of a proper folder and keep all essential documents like these in place. Make sure you keep a copy of your passport and visa at home as well, so that someone in the family can help you out if you are in trouble abroad.

Be money-wise

Double check the conversion rate of the country you are travelling to, and carry ample local cash with you. Find out if there are any entry or exit fees, and ensure that your credit card will work abroad. Call your bank to be on the safe side.

Become friendly with the language

Language is often the biggest barrier between you and a foreign land. But now, thanks to Google Translate, you can get familiarized with any language, whether you are travelling to Hawaii, South Africa or even Kyrgyzstan! Learning about common words like “hello”, “please”, “thank you”, and names of foods and places in the foreign language can come in very handy. Check out for more information.

Research the places you wish to visit

Whether you are travelling for work or fun, you must have an idea about the important places in a foreign city. Check out the map you need beforehand, buy guidebooks and find out how to commute from one place to another. You can find out if there will be any special events or festivals when you are in the foreign country.

Spare a thought for electronics

Plug sizes and voltages are different in different countries. So, find out the best way you can charge your electronic devices or get the right adapter for the same. Make sure you get international roaming activated on your phone and pick the right package for the days you will be travelling.

Decide on the baggage size       

Decide beforehand whether you wish to carry on your baggage or check it in. Try and pack some essentials in a small handbag so that you have something to wear even if your check in luggage is lost.



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