Twitter to launch its new Facebook-like timeline?


Twitter looks set to launch its new timeline by next week. As Twitter continues to see a decline in user growth, this new feature is aimed at offering a similar experience to Face book

As Twitter continues to struggle with user growth, the service’s reverse chronological order has been cited as a feature that can make Twitter particularly confusing for newcomers. Switching to an algorithm-based system, like Facebook’s, could make the experience more approachable.

The change by Twitter will be similar to Facebook’s method of organizing its news feed. Twitter has been testing the new feature for a while and is nearing its launch. At this stage it is not clear whether users will be able to opt in or whether they will be forced into it.

The change will be significant as currently the feed organises tweets in a reverse chronological order. The new time line will reorder the tweets based on what Twitters algorithm thinks users will want to see.


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