What challenges your small business may encounter


Starting your own business will always be an exciting prospect, no matter which industry you decide to work within. While you might be focusing on the exciting and fun parts of setting up on your own, you need to make sure you don’t ignore other areas of your venture – so you don’t come across any problems later on. It could end your dream before it is even begun.

Yet to know what you might need to pay extra attention to, you need to know what the potential issues could be. Here are some of the problems that you may encounter on your journey to business success – make sure you are prepared, so you can either reduce these risks or even avoid them entirely.


Rules and regulations will change as our markets and technology do. So, depending on your brand’s area of expertise, you may wish to find an expert to work with you on these disciplines. Remember: if it is found that your organization is non-compliant in some capacity, then you risk being fined – or worse.

Customer service

Your clients will expect instant customer service in this environment of instant gratification. You will soon find that if they are not happy, they will swiftly go online to share their dissatisfaction. So, you may wish to look for support on how you could improve your customer service.


It will be vital for your brand to innovate when it comes to technology – or you could be left behind. Technologies can change at high speed, so you may wish to get support from IT system specialists such as Online Computers, who can make sure your business’s network is monitored, maintained and secure at all times.

Cash flow

You won’t be surprised to learn that money issues, in all their various forms, top the list of many companies’ problems. So as a small business, some of those possible woes could include unexpected bills and late payments from clients.

However, you might find that some of the money management tools that are available may help you to manage your cash flow. Some can carry out specific tasks, too, such as automating bill payments, creating budgets, and calculating tax. You can even get alerts for any unusual outgoings. For those clients reluctant to pay, you may wish to use online invoices and reminders to persuade them.

Finding and keeping customers

You need customers who have a problem that only you can solve. So, it is up to you to find your unique selling point and to tell potential clients about it.

Have a look at your customer base: what are the characteristics of your best ones? Use this to start focusing on getting new customers from this most profitable segment, making sure you highlight what makes you different and checking how it appeals to them.

Also, ask for feedback from your customers as a follow-up task. Check to see what social media they use, too, and ensure you have a presence on there.


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