Why Fully Managed IT Services Are Good for Business


The world of business is changing, no longer are small and medium-sized businesses trying to do it all. More and more companies are outsourcing to take advantage of the wealth of expertise out there, from marketing and brand design to legal services and, of course, IT services.

There are many benefits to having reliable IT services throughout your company, the major one being that employees who are given the kit to be able to carry out their job properly remain motivated and continue to be productive. Employees that don’t have access to the necessary equipment and technology can quickly become frustrated and demotivated.

In-House IT Teams Vs. Fully Managed IT Services

There is something to be said for the in-house team, having them be part of the company can have its benefits for morale. However, these benefits are vastly outweighed by sheer convenience and return on investment for small to medium-sized businesses.

When you pay monthly for a company like Zeta Sky, you know precisely what level of service to expect, and you have access to their expertise at the drop of a hat.

Efficient time management

It is a frustrating fact that we are reliant on technology for many of our businesses, even simple transactions require a host of technologies behind them. When this fails, it can put our whole business behind schedule.

With a fully managed IT solution, you will usually find that updates and improvements are made from hours, minimizing the impact on your business. If there has a problem, IT support is usually only a phone call away, and many companies offer remote desktop services to be able to fix problems on the spot.


Cybercrime is a growing threat to businesses across the globe; not only is it a problem for businesses, but it is a significant cause for concern for customers and clients. Your customers and clients need to know that their data is safe, and their information is secure from cyber-attacks.

A major benefit of using a fully managed IT service is that you have access to some of the best cybersecurity options on the market. It works to the benefit of the company managing your IT that they are really on the ball when it comes to protecting their clients against cyber threats, this is a huge benefit that is passed onto you as their customer.

The Right Expertise

Possibly the most significant benefit to employing a professional company to manage your IT solutions is that you have access to a fantastic array of expertise.

Your in-house IT team could quite easily be populated with the best and brightest in the industry. Still, with the average salary for software developers in the US heading over the $85,000 per year mark, this is a massive chunk out of the wages budget on just one person.

When you employ a professional company to manage your IT services, you benefit from the people they employ. It works in their favor to employ the best they can, a huge benefit that is passed on to you.


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