Why It’s So Important To Increase Your Online Presence


If you run a family business, through inheritance or because you intend to pass it down through the family, you might have been in operation for years. You might have found a lot of success in the process. Running a business isn’t always about trying to get rich. It’s about being your own boss and working in an industry you’re truly passionate about. Most people dream of running their own business and yet never do anything about it. That’s why we say you can pat yourself on the back if you’re living the dream, but we also want to help you make your business even more successful.

Family-run businesses can often be very traditional. Their reputation in their local area has been built on word of mouth because lots of people are aware of your professionalism and high quality services. The thing is, you need to be prepared for somebody who might start a business which provides competition to you. As much as we like tradition, we need to be aware of change. Not only do we need to be aware of change, but we need to utilise it to our advantage because it can often mean increased sales and profits as a result.

Online marketing is a modern platform which can help you increase your profits. Just because your company has been run in a traditional way and has remained in the family for years, you simply can’t avoid having some online presence. All of your competitors, especially the new ones, will undoubtedly be taking online marketing extremely seriously, which means you should too.

Make Sure You Can Be Found On Online Directories

Making sure you’re visible in the places where potential customers are looking is a no-brainer, which means getting your business onto online directories is one of the first things you should do. Thomson Local operate one of the biggest online directories in the UK and they receive millions of searches every month from people who may very well be looking for your business. To summarise, they want to help your business get found by your potential customers.

People use online directories to find local businesses in their area. Even if you don’t currently have a website, you can still feature your details on online directories to increase your chances of being found by new customers. If you list your business on the Thomson Local website, your contact details, website if you have one, and location can be found by online customers.

Thomson Local is one of the largest online directories in the UK and a common go-to place for customers looking for local businesses like yours. It’s for this reason mainly that you must be listed, but there are other benefits as well. The biggest benefit is that it’s completely free to list your business. Furthermore, they have have created partnerships with other businesses to maximise your online visibility.

You Should Already Have A Website

Maybe you don’t feel the need to have a website because the internet certainly wasn’t around when you first laid the foundations for your business. However, the internet is now huge as you’re probably aware, and its popularity is only increasing. You really need to have a website that can be found for your customers because online sales could also see your business grow exponentially.

What you must remember is that simply making a website isn’t quite going to see your sales double on its own. The internet, being as huge as it is, is full of clutter and your website will be a drop in the ocean when you first make it. You need to ensure your website is optimised to be found by the people who are looking for you. Make sure your website is informative, looks professional and shows your business and products in the best possible light.

Promoting your website is done in many ways, but the details of its address can be featured online which will help you increase your visibility. Nowadays, making a great looking website is easy and there are many free tools available to help even a novice make a website that looks professional. In all likelihood, people are going to purchase online more and more, so make sure you have a website for them to find, and find easily.

Utilise Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can appear daunting at first and confusing to use, however can be essential for promoting your business. Let’s face it, almost everybody is using some social media nowadays, which means you could reach potential customers by being active on various social media sites.

At the minimum, you should have a Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus account, but some people attract sales from other less popular social media platforms too. Social media lets you communicate with potential customers at the click of a button. You can also enhance your customer service by being able to respond to complaints and queries instantly.

Online Marketing Is Important For All Businesses

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; you still need to take advantage of online marketing. Get listed on online directories, make a search engine optimised website and take advantage of social media. Your customers are looking for you on the internet, so if you want to optimise your sales, look to optimising your online presence.


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