Why people are your business’s best asset


You’re a new business owner, and it’s starting to grow at a great rate. As sales increase, so does the workload and you need more experts in your company to take care of the roles you may have overseen in the early days.

So, your business is booming because of your product, right? It helps to have a great offering, but your employees are the most valuable part of your company. Here’s why they can make the difference between a good success story and an outstanding one.

They’re your biggest cheerleaders

Employees will share their opinions of their employer and will defend them if the business is brought into the spotlight. Having an employee’s support may be exactly what you need in such situations – especially if your employees think your company is being treated unfairly.

They won’t only help in the bad times: they can be ambassadors for your brand when it comes to recruitment. They can tell potential new hires about benefits, perks, and the culture within the business. One of the best ways you will get new people in will be through your current staff, via ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising.

To see if adding more people to your business is the best move for you right now, investing in commercial HR may be your next step. This will help you to achieve your strategic goals through HR with a business-orientated approach.

Happy employees increase productivity

There’s evidence that if your staff are happy, they’re more productive in the workplace. The study, carried out by the University of Warwick, started off by either showing participants a comedy clip or giving them snacks and drinks. Once it was assessed that the subjects were happy, productivity was shown to increase by an average of 12% – peaking at 20% above the control group.

So how good is that increase in productivity? Dr Daniel Sgroi, who wrote the report, stated that “rises of 3% or so are considered very large” in relation to gross domestic product (GDP) and economic growth.

Energising roles also helps employees

Your employees might be working and staying at your organisation, but they might also be disengaging. This can cost you as much as your employee leaving – it’s said it costs American companies hundreds of billions of US dollars a year. To counter this, and to keep your employees with potential, think about combining tasks, increasing client contact, rotating assignments, or even job sharing.

Also, consider adding elements of fun to the workplace as well – something that adds a fresh twist, and includes some spontaneity. Why should you do this? Fun enhances creativity and doesn’t affect productivity when your goals are clear.

So, the people in your business can affect its success. They will be loyal supporters and recruiters, but unhappy employees will have an effect on how good your success is – so taking care of them will be a great investment of your time because they will pay you back with their creativity and productivity.


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