You Won’t Believe How Important It Is to Stay Connected With Your Staff


Your employees are a valuable part of your organization. They can be a huge influence on whether or not you achieve what you wish to achieve. A hard working team can power you towards great things and help you dominate your market. Bearing that in mind it’s crucial, you do your best to get the most out of your employees.

How can you do this? Well, today, I’m going to talk about a key thing that often gets overlooked with regards to employees. Communicating with your staff is arguably the best way to ensure they perform to their highest abilities. You need to stay connected with them at all times.

In this piece, I will explain to you why this is important. You’ll learn why you need to stay connected with your staff and what benefits this can bring. Furthermore, I will provide some communication ideas to help you connect with your employees at all times.

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Stay Connected With Your Staff

The Importance Of Staying Connected With Your Staff

One of the easiest ways to see the importance of staying connected is to imagine a business that lacks it. Imagine walking into your office and not speaking to any of your staff. All of your employees are sitting silently, and no one speaks to one another. Firstly, this doesn’t create a very productive atmosphere. If you aren’t connected then how will you convey any instructions or things you need to get completed.

Communicating and connecting with your staff helps you form a bond with them. They start to respect you more if you’re active and speaking to them at all times. If you know all their names and can converse with them then it humanizes you. They stop seeing you as the big mean boss and start looking up to you. You become someone they want to work for rather than someone they’re afraid to approach. It softens you, in a good way of course. Sometimes, the key to being a great leader is showing a more personal side of yourself.

Furthermore, staying connected helps to improve your business in many functional ways. When you communicate with your employees, you can direct them more efficiently. Furthermore, you should make sure your staff stays connected with one another. If they’re communicating effectively then they’ll collaborate more and work better together. Again, this makes your business more efficient and productive.

As you can see, it’s important that you stay connected with your staff at all times. Additionally, it’s important that they stay connected with one another. The key to achieving all of this is by maintaining many avenues of communication. In this next section I’ll reveal the best ways to improve communication in your business:

Stay Connected With Your Staff

Workplace Communication Methods

Firstly, you have to think about your workplace communication methods. The way you communicate at work is essential to staying connected with your staff. Mainly, you need to ensure that there are clear ways for them to speak to you and vice versa. The last thing you want is a workplace where nobody communicates with you or with each other. If this happens, then you’ll start seeing problems that affect your overall business production.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways you can connect with your staff while in the workplace. The first idea is to have an open door policy. This is a concept a lot of people adopt to encourage employees to come and speak to them when they feel they need to. An open door policy essentially means your office door is always open for them to come knocking. Make sure you tell your staff about this policy so they don’t feel like they can never come and speak to you. Secondly, you can setup a company intranet that makes office communication a breeze. This is where you set up a network that only you and your employees can access. Think social media but you get to pick and choose the people that sign up and communicate with you. Instant messages can be sent and collaboration between departments is made easy. It’s particularly useful for businesses with large offices and floors of different employees. It saves time as they can communicate via the intranet rather than getting up and walking to a different section of the office.

Arguably the best idea is to turn your attention to the seating arrangements in your office. Make sure that your staff sits within their respective teams. Your admin staff sit close to each other, your marketing team are in one area, etc. This ensures that everyone is close to the people they will communicate with the most. It greatly helps collaboration and gets people working together in their units a lot more efficiently.

Emergency Communication Methods

You also have to think about emergency communication methods too. There may be times where something happens, and you urgently need to contact your staff. In this situations, the regular communication methods might not be the best solution. You’re looking for ways that guarantee all of your staff receive the same message at the same time. This way, they can take action and ensure that the emergency doesn’t get out of hand.

One idea you can consider is an emergency notification system to deliver important messages. At this point, you may be wondering, what is an emergency notification system? I won’t go into too much detail as you can find the specifics out elsewhere on the web. Basically, it’s a system that sends out messages to a select audience at the same time. You can deliver these messages via multiple communication avenues to ensure they get seen and heard. By having an emergency communication method in place, you will remain connected to your staff. Even when things go wrong you can keep everyone in the loop.

Out-Of-Office Communication Methods

You need to remember that there will be many times where you or your staff are out of the office. Consequently, you must think about ways you can communicate with one another. Naturally, the office intranet is still a great way to conduct much of your communication. The key thing to remember is to set it up so that it can be accessed outside of the office too. If employees are working at home one day you still have a professional method of communicating with them.

But, you have to think about times where your employees might not be working. It could be a weekend or an evening where they’re sat at home relaxing. You’ve realized something and need to contact them and speak to them about the thing you’ve noticed. It’s far from an emergency so you don’t want to use your emergency communication methods. So, what can you do? The simplest and most effective form of out-of-office communication is via instant messaging. Apps like WhatsApp are ideal for creating groups and messaging multiple people at the same time. The majority of people will have their phone with them at all times. So, instant messaging is the best way to guarantee your messages get seen and communication can proceed. It’s not the most professional way to go about things, however, it’s important to be personal with your staff from time to time.

Take all of this information on board as it can seriously help your business. Maintain a connection with your staff and ensure everyone communicates effectively. By doing this, you’ll soon see all of the benefits I mentioned earlier in this piece. Don’t let your business fall behind the competition, stay connected with your staff and it will make a huge difference.


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