10 Tips to get more Instagram followers


Instagram continues to grow with 400 million users now signed up to the popular photo sharing community. There are now over 14 million users in the UK alone.

1. Use well known hash tags

Popular hashtags include #FF (Follow Friday) #love, #instafollow and #followback. Other popular instagram hastags include












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2. Don’t over use hashtags

Hashtags are great to use for categorising pictures on you profile. When used correctly hastags can encourage interaction of course get people to follow you. If you you overuse the hashtags then you are more likely to lose and discourage potential followers.

3. Like random pictures

This strategy has been adopted by various instagram account holders to great effect. By liking pictures from target audience, there is a good chanvce that account owners will interact with you and hopefully follow you.

4. Interact with your followers

Like other social media platforms, interacting with your followers will help you gain more followers. Reply to comments and conversations and get conversations started. This will improve interactions and gain followers in the process.

Know what’s trending and popular

Of course like all social media platforms, you need to know what is now.

Cats, puppies, fashion, cakes, animals, cute, and funny are all well liked subjects. Find out what is going viral and what your fellow potential followers are loving.

8 Popular popular subjects

  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Landscapes and nature
  • Animals, especially pets
  • Flowers
  • Landmarks
  • People (but not the glut of awful self-photos)
  • Artistic patterns
  • Color and contrast

popular on instagram

5. Be Creative

Step out from the crowd and be creative. Not all the most successful intagram accounts follow rule. What are your interests, showcase your own talents or interests. There will be many people out there who may have similar creative interests.

instagram creative

6. Like and comment on other users photos

Sounds simple but by Liking and commenting on other users’ photos, this will be the simplest way to gain new followers.

7. Use Popular hashtags to help you images be found

Other users searching for pictures and images will no doubt use popular hashtags such as #love and #instagood.

8. Use popular hashtags so your images get found in search

Some of the most popular ones are #love and #instagood. Use popular hashtags on your photos so your images can be found and attract followers.

9. Find your niche

Creativity and having a different niche can be great ways to gain followers so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Photos are creative so why not find a unique niche.

creative instagram

10. Display quality photos

You have hard the phrase, quality beats quanity. So make sure that your account has quality images and not hundreds of pointless images that are of little interest.

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