How To Set Up An Auto Body Repair Shop


With more of us getting behind the wheel each year, the risk is greater that we’ll have an auto accident. Unless, of course, you seldom drive your car! When people have accidents, an auto body repair shop will get it fixed up for you.

The thing about those establishments is there is a shortage of them! As a result, it can often take time for one’s car to get repaired. If you’re thinking of starting a business, this is one niche you should consider. Here’s how to get started:

How To Set Up An Auto Body Repair Shop

Choose suitable premises

The first thing you must do is look for a location to start your business. The building you select should be big enough to store several vehicles at once. Plus, you’ll need space for spray booths, repair bays, and parts storage.

As you can imagine, you’ll need a medium to large sized commercial or industrial unit. It’s also important you think about the vicinity to the nearest town. Customers will seldom take their cars to places that offer no real transport options.

Develop a solid business plan

I know that I could have put this as the “first” thing you should do. But, you need to look at premises first. Why? Because you’ll have a better idea of how much they will cost. If you intend to lease a unit somewhere, you’ll also find out the likely ongoing costs too.

Armed with that information, you can then work out average costs to put in your business plan. And once you’ve finished drawing up your plan, you can then use it to gain financing for your new business!

Get the equipment you need for your auto body repair shop

Let’s say that you’ve secured some suitable premises. And let’s also assume you have the capital to invest in the tools of your trade, as it were. The next stage is to buy the equipment and machines you need to launch your new business.

You should also put some thought into ventilation. Body shops will generate a lot of dust and smoke when repairing vehicles. I recommend buying Nordfab duct to expel any pollutants from your shop. That way, you can ensure the health and safety of your staff.

Organize the right insurance

Before you can open up for business, you will need to take out some insurance policies for it. After all: you don’t want to fall afoul of the law. Nor do you want to lose your business if a customer sues you for something!

Hiscox business insurance is a necessary expense. Sure, it’s one you could do without when you’re starting up. But, it will mean you can ensure your new auto repair body shop’s future.

Hire the best in the industry

Establishing a credible reputation from the start is important. Your new business is a brand. If it only becomes known for poor workmanship, you will start losing customers! When hiring mechanics and sprayers to work for you, make sure you only choose the best ones.

Good luck!


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