5 Classic PC Games You Need Back In Your Life


With 2017 set to be a big year for gaming once again, it seems like a good time to look back at some of the games that left the biggest mark in gaming history. Be warned though, it’s likely that you’ll want to dig out some of these old classics and hours of your life may go missing once again!

Classic PC Games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls games have always been about expansive gameplay, high quality role playing and boundless options. None exemplified this philosophy more than 2011’s Skyrim, which gave countless hours of game time as you brought your character through the fantasy world in whatever way you chose. Though the main storyline provided plenty of interest in itself, you could spend much more time completing various side quests and really making your mark this most complex of worlds. Even six years on, it has lost little of its original shine.

Grand Theft Auto V

Continuing along the theme of expansive gameplay, GTA V provides you so many opportunities and ways to while away your time. While previous games in the series gave you a free run at the city, this one gives you the countryside as well. Everything has been painstakingly designed and created in this world, so it really is a gamer’s paradise. There’s plenty beyond the main storyline too. The online mode provides endless entertainment as you complete escalating heists with your online accomplices. A truly special game.

Half-Life 2

Whispers of Half-Life 3 have been around for well over a decade but still nothing has surfaced. However, there’s nothing to stop you appreciating its predecessor which really reshaped how we looked at modern games. A revolutionary first person shooter, it offers a range of weaponry, interesting environments and an engrossing storyline that drew all kinds of gamers in. While many games can get repetitive very quickly, this one continued to offer something different with each new chapter.


Combining several genres in one, BioShock was a revelation when it came out back in 2007 and it is still great fun to play today. Its storyline really draws you in and keeps you enthralled throughout, while also presenting you with some difficult moral dilemmas. Now a decade old, it still goes down as one of the greatest video games in history. A remastered version of the game was released just last year, so you can enjoy it all over again! If you’re looking for a gaming PC to do the game justice, try one from CES gaming PC group AVA direct.


One of the best first person puzzle games out there, you develop your skills over time and put them all to good use as the game goes on. Humour and wit is aplenty so you will be entertained from beginning to end. The sequel carried on in its footsteps and together they made two of the most enjoyable games in PC history.

Dig out each one of these five and you won’t be disappointed!



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