5 Teamwork Productivity Hacks the Build Relationships


We spend a huge proportion of our waking lives at work. Some studies suggest that the average adult will spend over 90,000 hours, or one-third of their life, at work.

If you would like to spend the remainder of your 90k hours of working life in a good working environment rather than a toxic environment, it is time to get serious about good relationship building.

Why Building Relationships Is Important

Building relationships is not just important because you are spending so much of your life at work; it is important because, without good relationships, your working environment will not be a productive one, and a lack of productivity wastes money.

Here are five little hacks that you can use to build better workplace relationships, whether you are in an office or working in a newly remote team.

Core Hours Vs. 9-5

If you are the boss, and you can make the decisions, consider switching from the traditional 9-5 office model and onto a core hours model instead. This means letting your employees decide when they will work but ensuring that everyone is at work or online during core hours.

You may decide that your core hours are regular, for example, daily between11 am and 2 pm, or you might have more flexible hours that change daily. Encourage all of your staff to use Email signature software for Office 365 to put their own working hours and contact details in their emails.

Create (and use) Collaborative Apps

Collaborative time-management and task apps are a great way to make sure everyone is clear and on board with what is going on.

Using the sprint board method on apps like Trello can help keep everything together, but you need to make sure everyone is on board using the apps!

Ask, do not Demand

“This needs to be done by five o’clock” is much harsher sounding than “have you got capacity to get this done by five?”.

Great leaders always assume everyone else is busier than they are, and they take the time to ask for a timeslot or ETA rather than demand.

Be Open About Feedback

Feedback is important, but it gets a bad rep in the office world because it is so often associated with meeting the yearly targets or that dreaded “one to one” that always goes horribly.

Make your office team culture one that is based on giving and receiving feedback after every completed project, it may seem tedious at the time, but you will learn a lot from it and build stronger relationships as a result.

Be the Leader You Wish You Had

Last but by no means least is to act like the leader you wish you had.

The great motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, is quite often quoted as suggesting people need to act like the leader, they wish they had at work. His world rings true with many people because great leadership is so severely lacking in offices these days.

Break the mold and act like the great leader you want.


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