7 Content Marketing Areas to Build a Greater Online Presence


Content marketing is now a fundamental part of marketing a business successfully online. However content marketing requires time and resources. Types of content include email marketing, social media and blogging. To be successful, marketing companies will have entire teams dedicated to each area of the content marketing process. Here we look at some of the key areas of focus required when building successful content marketing strategies.


This area focuses on competitive analysis, auditing content and reviewing industry standards. It is important to have a clear content strategy otherwise content is just being published for the sake of being published. An effective strategy will ensure that content is planned so when published, it is effective in engaging audiences.


Creating content that is engaging and creative is very important especially when competing with so many other websites that are offering the same products and services. Videos, info graphics and white papers are all other forms of content that require a creative touch if it is to have the desired effect. Having someone creative in your business will certainly save money. There are many freelancers now available across the web that can produce info graphics and videos to display your content so it is current, engaging and professional. There are various websites online that you can get ideas from in terms of creating creative content.


Design is crucial if you want the essence of your band captured in your content. It is important that the designer understands your brand so your message can be communicated effectively. Design and creativity will be crucial parts in producing engaging content.


The web is full of great content that other companies have produced. Look for valuable content that has already been published and research. This will involve digging through social media posts, looking at other blog content and researching online. Look at other content online that you know is great content. Would you read it, has it received lots of social media engaging and where does it rank for searches related to you niche. Curating content should be a daily task. Look around the web daily and see what content your competition is creating.


No point having great content if nobody can find it. Marketing online today is about promoting your content, making social connections and spreading the word through online communities about your content. Outreach is about promoting your content and getting out to your target audience. Great content will be shared exposing your content to wider audiences.


A critical part of content marketing which involves analysing data and measuring the success of campaigns. Whether it is about social connections, leads, conversions or sign ups, analysing the success of your marketing campaigns will be critical if you want to gage how effective your content marketing campaigns have been. There are great tools such as Google analytics which provide relevant data such as traffic metrics and engagement.


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