7 Tips for a Successful Video Marketing Strategy


Digital marketing is one of the crucial factors for business success, both online and off. Without a good marketing strategy, your company and its services will likely remain invisible and unsearchable on the internet. While there are numerous ways to carry out a digital marketing strategy, video is increasingly becoming a popular medium. If you are new to video marketing, below are seven tips that can get you started.

Focus on the Story

There’s nothing worse than a video that only wants to sell you something. Rather than take this approach, focus on a story rather than a sale. Find the best ways to connect with your audience and then tell a story about your company and products in a meaningful way. In other words, create content that adds value.

Be Mindful of the 10-Second Rule

The first few seconds of a video matter ­— a lot. It’s within this timeframe that you can easily make or break your campaign. To ensure that your audience stays with you beyond the first 10 seconds, ensure that the content is clear, entertaining and creates a short roadmap of what the viewer is about to watch.

Target Relevant Audiences

There’s no point in creating an awesome video if it doesn’t go to the right audience. Before you even start to produce your content, do some market research and determine which niche and audience you want to target. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you’ll be better placed to create a video that’s relevant to your viewers.

Add Entertainment Value

While an organized video is all well and good, you will likely lose viewers if the content isn’t entertaining, too. This can be difficult to get right, but you can produce an enjoyable and watchable video for your campaign with careful planning. Take advantage of the latest software and add Video Editing Effects where necessary. It might even be worth bringing in a professional video editor to make sure your video is top-notch.

Incorporate Calls to Action

Call-to-action buttons are a must when it comes to most social media content. This applies to videos, too, as you’ll want to tell your viewers what links they should visit to learn more about your products and services. Again, you can make CTAs visually entertaining through some simple video editing tools.

Optimize with SEO

If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), it’s a good idea to become informed as much as possible. Why? Because you want your video to be found when your audience searches for certain keywords on Google. This will entail a bit of research on your part, as you’ll need to figure out what key phrases and terms your audience is searching for. To optimize your videos with SEO, add tags that correspond with your keywords.

Create a Posting Schedule

Last but not least, your audience will be expecting regular content, so it’s wise to set up a posting schedule for your campaign. This will ensure consistency and give you peace of mind knowing that you have content prepared and ready to go. Depending on the kind of campaign it is you’re running, you might even want to space the videos out longer to build anticipation for a new product or launch.



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