A Guide to Encouraging More Visitors to Your Business Website


Whether you have the best website in the world or are struggling to garner enough traffic, if people cannot find you, then you won’t be able to drive customer conversions. For your business to survive, you need to achieve higher visitor numbers, but you also need to invest in keeping customers loyal to your company.

Targeting an audience that wants to buy your products or services comes with extensive research and brand personas to fit your marketing strategy, but this alone won’t achieve the quality conversions you are looking for. There is a host of other areas to consider when supporting your brand identity and helping to build your visibility in search and social platforms.

Make sure your site is up to scratch

Nowadays having an engaging design isn’t enough for better visibility in today’s search engine metrics. Instead, you need the whole package, including mobile optimization and site speed, to complement its ranking. If your website takes ages to load, you’re going to see visitors drop off the radar, and this will be evident in your analytics. Making sure you cover all bases ensures everything runs smoothly for an improved user experience; therefore, enlisting the help of website experts such as Eventige can ensure that pages are technically optimized, your site is functional, and that your website has fast loading times and is aesthetically appealing.

Be social

Everyone is on social media these days, so getting yourself in front of this audience is vital to securing better conversion rates. Building a community on the leading platforms such as Facebook and Twitter gives you the chance to take advantage of immediate reactions and feedback to content and promotions that you post.

Social media is also a great means of improving engagement and providing effective customer service. Use Twitter and Facebook as a means to reply to comments, answer questions and ask thought-provoking questions your customers will enjoy answering. If you ever have a disgruntled customer, make sure to respond to them as soon as possible; leaving them unattended can damage your business’s brand in the long run.

Boost video content

Dependent on your niche, video content is a significant element to incorporate into your content strategy. Video marketing has seen considerable increases in website traffic, and can gain a more substantial amount of traction compared to word-based content. Creating exciting and shareable video is the tricky part, but once you have a formula for this, video can hold visitor’s attention spans for far longer than text, so you’ll have them captivated and more likely to explore other areas of the site.

Alongside these top ways to bring visitors to your site, there are many other ways when it comes to engaging your audience. From writing compelling copy and using SEO practices to gain organic traffic to guest blogging and using email marketing, each has incredible value and can bring valuable leads to your website through tactical and straightforward marketing efforts. Amongst these tips, be sure to check out your analytics to keep monitoring and adjusting the strategies that work for you.



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