Avoid Making These Mistakes on Your Business Website


Some people think you can do no wrong when it comes to website creation. As long as you’ve got a ‘spot’ online and you’re using social media, you’re sorted! Right?

Everyone seems to understand the importance of having a great website for their business. Or, at least, they seem to on a superficial level. Despite the famous need to have a great website, there are countless businesses out there making the same mistakes. And these kinds of mistakes can put potential customers off of your business. Fast.

A cursory glance at many business websites can quickly reveal what exactly is going wrong in this arena. Not all of the mistakes can be seen at first glance, however. Some of them are backend problems that can only be identified by the creators. So what are the mistakes you need to avoid making?

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Confusing the user

Some businesses get so caught up with making their website looking flashy that they forget about the most important thing. And that thing is simplicity. Yes, it is vital to have a website with a stylish and sexy modern design. But at the end of the day, if a user can’t immediately see what it is they need to do or where to go to get the info they need? Then they’d probably sacrifice all that flash for a simple 1990s text site in an instant. Do not forget about user experience. Ask yourself: will it take a user more than three seconds of looking at my website to understand everything? If the answer yes, then you’ve got some redesigning to do.


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Favouring just one marketing technique

Your marketing woes aren’t going to be sorted by placing some banners on a few popular websites. You need to employ a range of online marketing practises in order to get the maximum amount of users you can. Not only does this spread your range physically (or as ‘physically’ as a presence on the Internet can be). It also ensures that you’re catering to many tastes. Some people refuse to click on banners out of principle. Many people are taken in by YouTube ads, whereas many will block them out entirely. And with the less obvious marketing techniques, you need to be even more careful. Don’t focus on search engine optimization while ignoring conversion rate optimization, for example.

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Leaving mobile optimization by the wayside

Smartphones have overtaken computers as the most popular form of accessing the Internet. It’s odd to think that computers can ever be seen as the ‘traditional’ method of doing anything, but here we are! Despite these statistics, many companies aren’t paying attention. Every day, i visit a website on my smartphone and find that it hasn’t been optimized for mobile use. I have to scroll all over the place to find what I’m looking for, or ads cover the entire screen, or some links just can’t be pressed. This is going to put people straight off of your website. When you’re creating your website, you also need to be creating a mobile version. No ifs! No buts! Don’t leave mobile optimization for later.


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