The Best Ways to Get Your Employees Thinking About Cybersecurity


Today, with the majority of businesses trading online, it’s never been more important for companies to take cybersecurity seriously. It’s a mistake to think that only large companies are at risk of a data breach – in fact, quite the opposite. Whilst larger corporations tend to have tight security systems, small businesses can be easier for hackers to gain access to. In order to protect your business from cybercrime, it’s essential to make sure that every employee gets on board. Here are some top ways to get your employees thinking more about cybersecurity at work.

Regular Training

Regular training and the opportunity for development is one of the main things that your employees will want from you. When it comes to preventing cyberattacks at your organization, ensuring that every employee is fully trained in spotting the signs of social engineering or malicious malware, for example, will improve the front line protection of your company. Some of the worst cyberattacks today are carried out through phishing links sent to unsuspecting employees. Choose a security solution provider that offers training and support for staff.

Start Conversations

In order to get your employees talking about cybersecurity in the workplace, it’s down to you to get the conversation started. Do something to get everybody talking, such as hiring an ethical hacker to simulate the events of a cyberattack. Something like this will bring the issue to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Another good way to get your workforce thinking and talking about cybersecurity is to conduct an employee survey to help you determine what your employees know about keeping your company’s data secure, and what you can do to improve this. Additionally, you can also use an employee survey to ask for suggestions from the people who work on the front line of your business to protect against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Keep Everybody Updated

In order to ensure that your company is offered the best protection against hackers and cybercrime, it’s essential to prioritize keeping each and every employee up to date on everything from protecting the devices they bring into the office to the benefits of a hard drive degausser to completely erase a hard drive’s data. Even employees who do not work in IT can help to prevent a cyber-attack; any employee who has access to your system is at risk of being targeted by a hacker. Keeping your workforce up to date on the latest strategies used by hackers and how your systems are being updated to reflect this ensures that nobody’s left behind.

Implement Good Password Practice

One of the most common reasons for hacks and data breaches is insecure passwords. Employees who use easy-to-guess passwords such as their children’s or pet’s names, or number sequences that are easy to guess such as their date of birth, are putting your company at risk of a data breach. Implementing a policy of good password practice, for example using a secure password manager and requiring all employees to regularly update their login credentials, is important for maintaining a culture of cybersecurity in your workforce.

In order to improve your business’ protection against cybercrime, it’s important to ensure everybody is involved.


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