Blandito – Multi-Purpose Furniture that looks like a Giant Burrito!


Ok it does look like a giant Burrito but the Blandito is actually a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be used as a sleeping bag, bean bag, armchair, and rug and if you are feeling creative there are many other uses for this cool and cosy looking furniture.

It is produced by Oradaria Design with the tagline ‘’transformable pad for lazy living’’. It is a multi-function piece of furniture that is soft and malleable so it is shaped as you see fit into a chair, sleeping or other useful requirements. Once you have decide whether today it will be a bed or chair, you fix the shape by using the wooden ball hooks that are included. It is a great fit for children as it is child friendly and open to all ends of creative possibilities. Available in the US with prices starting from around $415 or £315.

Oh it can also be used as baby chair! Get the picture


Blandito Human Taco

blandito for children




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