Building a Delivery Fleet in 2020: Your Short Guide


When you cast around for businesses that are doing well in the aftermath of the pandemic, what do you see? You’ll note that digital software providers like Zoom and social media platforms, have done well in the crisis. So too have medical and pharmaceutical companies, and those businesses that provide PPE to consumers and businesses.

But the companies that are lurking under the surface of all of this are doing handsomely too: the courier and delivery firms which continue to serve goods to the doors of people across the world. Setting up your own fleet is easy, as you’ll see from the steps outlined below.

Find a Market

There are many ways you can build a fleet of delivery vehicles as a new business in 2020. But before you do, it’s important to build an understanding of how exactly you’re planning on adding to the delivery market.

Will you, for instance, sell your services to larger companies, undercutting their current delivery offerings? Or, will you approach local businesses and warehouses and ask them to take a portion of their work or offer them a discount for using your fleet? The choice is yours, but you need to find a market and a model before investing in your fleet.

Building Your Fleet

All fleets begin with a single vehicle. Whether that’s a small van, a truck or a large articulated vehicle, your first motor vehicle will start your journey towards being a large and exciting logistics firm. Invest wisely, and in top-quality vehicles, to make the most of the opportunities in your market in the future.

Meanwhile, every single vehicle that you bring into your fleet will need to be insured — not through typical insurance, but through a special motor trade insurance package that covers vehicles used for business activities. You can find motor trade insurance brokers online to cater towards this requirement, who’ll help offer you a competitive quote to cover your fleet with insurance.

Setting a Tone

You need drivers for your fleet, but luckily these staff members aren’t too difficult to come by in the midst of a global recession. In fact, this is a great time to be setting up a business because the labor market is flooding with talent and you’ll be doing a service for your local community by hiring individuals who have recently been made unemployed. Still, when you’re hiring, you want to set a tone for your business. You want your company to be:

  • Professional at all times
  • Prompt in keeping delivery times and slots
  • Well organized through digital software to manage delivery schedules
  • Clean and professional, so that you’re not judged on your appearance

The way you hire and train your staff will be crucial in setting this all-important tone for your business. The more you hammer home on this tone, the more you’ll be able to enjoy a business that you’ve created in your own image — one that consumers love to trade with.

These tips will help you get a delivery fleet organized in 2020, helping you take advantage of the changes taking place across the business world.



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