Building Brand Awareness with SEO and Digital Marketing


Brand awareness has become a focal point this century with the rise of social media and YouTube. Previously, brand awareness usually happened through traditional high-cost marketing channels. You can now build your brand at a much lower cost by utilizing SEO and digital marketing techniques.

How Digital Marketing Has Expanded

Digital marketing now encompasses a much wider scope of communication than a decade ago, due to new technology. The combination of broadband, mobile devices, social media, and cloud services have broadened the possibilities. You can either learn this expanding field yourself or evaluate digital PR services that suit your needs. Many businesses choose to outsource digital marketing instead of risking the higher expense of hiring an in-house staff.

Early digital marketing revolved around banner ads and email marketing. The reason why social media has vital is that it acts as a marketing list that you can interact with in real time. It gives you a controlled and permission-based list of users who want to know more about your brand, as opposed to relying on the more expensive and less targeted approach by traditional marketing. Through social media, you can interact with your followers on a daily basis through content sharing the qualities that define your brand.

The mobile revolution has helped expand the terrain of digital marketing since mobile users are the most ready-to-buy. Therefore, marketing campaigns need to keep mobile users in mind, which can be done with mobile-friendly websites, easy navigation tools and instant customer rewards such as digital coupons. If you run a local brick-and-mortar establishment, then it’s essential to connect with target followers through mobile-friendly landing pages.

Using SEO to Deliver Leads

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a primary tool used by digital marketers to gain exposure in search engines. The more pages that show up in Google, the more traffic you will likely attract to your site. The best way to get high search rankings is to own your niche. In other words, if your niche is so unique either because you invented it or you’re simply the best at delivering quality, you have much better odds at high rankings than a site that’s just duplicating other sites.

Originality is one of the top qualities your site can showcase in your quest for high rankings. Google and other search engines want to connect users as quickly as possible with the content they are seeking. That’s why search engines place a high priority on comprehensive content sites, as opposed to thin sites with generic information. The more you can add valuable content that cannot be found anywhere else in cyberspace, the more the odds will favor your pages in search rankings.

Each web page needs to be full of relevant information about your niche. The key to SEO as a lead generator is that each page demonstrates a high degree of authority. Competitors who don’t bother showcasing their expertise will likely be overshadowed by your site if you share enough quality information that people are searching for. One way to accomplish this goal is a blog series that combines your unique perspective with a wealth of information about your industry.

Building Your Brand

The internet is still the wild west when it comes to brand building, which has always been about mixing market research with imagination. A website allows you to express yourself in unlimited ways while a social media page gives you a channel for promoting your content. Here are ways that you can build your brand without spending a ton of cash on high-risk advertising:

  • offer referral programs that provide incentives to promote your brand
  • get attention with infographics, which combine images with facts
  • partner with like-minded businesses for cross-promotion campaigns
  • create engaging social media contests and surveys
  • tell your story and showcase your personality through videos

SEO and digital marketing are effective vehicles for building your brand at a lower cost than more conventional marketing. Remember that “content is king” since quality content is the key to attracting leads to your website. Learn how keywords, images, information, and personality are the building blocks to building brands online.



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