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Did you ever think that you’d be updating your car like you would a computer? Adding new, exciting parts each year. We’re not talking about making the car go faster either. You can now add new pieces of tech to your vehicle that will make it safer, more eco friendly and even easier to driver. Whether that’s due to a new advance in modified tech or car industries bringing their A game. We’re really excited about the tech that’s already on the market and the things we can look forward to in the next few years.

HID Headlights

HID headlights have been on the market for a while now. But that doesn’t make them any less impressive. Perhaps they should have been called HD headlights because that’s exactly what they provide. An HD view of an otherwise dark road. HD headlights will give you a crisp, clear view of the road even in the middle of the night. We bet they’ve already saved countless lives by helping motorists break before they hit something. Some motorists have complained that the lights are too bright. Almost being the equivalent of normal lights on full beam. But, while these lights are bright, they don’t block the vision of other drivers on the road unless you look directly at them.

New Tyres

Can we include tyres as a piece of tech? Well, technically tyres aren’t a piece of technology. However the process of making tyres requires a lot of technology and that’s what we’re interested in. New manufacturing has allowed producers to release incredible tyres like the pirelli cinturato p7. This tyre is designed to be safer, eco-friendly and offer a more pleasant drive. If you’re wondering how it manages to tick off all those boxes, it’s all about the tech. Thanks to new tech tyres can be crafted with absolute precision. That means treads can be perfected to provide the optimum result.

Autopilot, Automations And Self Driving Cars

Have we really come this far? We’re not quite at the point where a car can drive itself. There’s no vehicle currently on the market that will take you from A to B without guidance. But what they can do is still quite impressive. With autopilot steering, a car can perfect your handling. If the car computer suspects you’re about to crash it will adjust your handling. Now for many people, this is going to be bad news. After all, some of us love having complete control of a car. But with cars that have this, it’s an option, not a requirement. However, we can certainly see the benefits of taking human error out of driving.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

Finally, a news journalist was recently amazed when he found out hackers could take full control of his vehicle. In fact, they could have crashed it if they wanted to. One can only imagine the terror he must have felt when he realized his well being was now in someone else’s control. It’s a scary thought and one that will one day be true for us all. It’s only a matter of time before all cars are released with tech that allows mobile shut down. Think about what this could mean for the police force. You certainly won’t be seeing anymore high speed chases, that’s for sure.

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