Cracking News: How To Look After Your Gadgets


If your home is anything at all like ours, it’s going to be absolutely full of technology. From Nest and the Amazon Echo to the iPad pro and smart televisions – there’s so much automated smartness in the modern home!

It doesn’t stop there, though! Your phone is amazingly powerful and is going to do more than your laptop could ten years ago. Heck, you might even have a wearable or two to complement your mobile phone, and it’s awesome power.

You don’t need anyone to tell you how expensive all of this is and you’d be absolutely crazy to not insure or look after each and every single device in your possession. After all, the cost of replacing each one is going to be much, much greater the expense of protecting them in the first place. You keep your home safe, so what about the stuff in it?


The most obvious step in gadget care is to actually clean your tech. Alcohol sprays, microfiber wipes and other cleaning products can get dust away from your devices and stop them get clogged up. If you need it – clean it. If you own something like earbuds, this is even more important, so you’re not stuffing dirt down your ears. Wipe debris off your devices every once in awhile to keep them in shipshape condition. You’ll find yourself with a broken phone before too long.

You probably haven’t installed anti-virus or a system defence on your phone. That’s not ok, and you should rectify that immediately or bare the consequences of a vulnerable device. Your phone or tablet is a huge target for cyber-criminals chasing your data, and you should ensure that you look after your portable devices as much as you look after your laptop or desktop. If you own an iPad for example, installing a defence for that certain tablet can save your day, or wallet. Of course, make sure you regularly update your devices and ensure that you scan consistently. You may use your phone or tablet more than a laptop, and it’s important that you take their protection seriously and undergo the same precautions as you would with an actual computer, why wouldn’t you?

The battery is probably the single most important part of every single gadget you are ever going to earn. How does a gadget run without power? You might not know how to look after a battery, but it’s important that you do. Never pierce a battery unless you want to be burnt and never expose a battery to extremes of heat or cold because these will ruin your device. A charge cycle is of critical importance to a device so do allow your device to completely run out of battery before you begin charging it up once more and you’ll extend the lifespan of the vulnerable lithium charge core inside the device. It’s not going to make it last forever, as right now, all good batteries do have a lifespan, but you’ll certainly get the most out of it and more than if you were to ignore it.



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