Could Crops Serve Your Farm Startup Better Than Animals?


Anyone going into a farm-based startup think of animals above all. After all, what kind of farm doesn’t have at least some animals on board? Aren’t these the center of a business like this?

Often, they are. Animals of all types make for fantastic farming opportunities. But, when it comes to starting out, there are definite downsides to the animal route. As can be seen from, starting a farm with animals like horses has its downsides. And, the same can be said for any other livestock option.

Instead, there are plenty of farms out there who concentrate on crops. And, we’re going to look at the reasons why that could be the best option for your startup.

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Less upfront cost

The most obvious reason for a crop farm is the reduced start-up costs. This is the most painful part of an animal-based option. As you can see from sites like, there are substantial costs involved in livestock. And, that’s before considering the costs of keeping them. Livestock farmers have to build outhouses as well as providing feed. And, then there are machines for milking and so on. In prosperous farms, these costs cover themselves. But, you can’t guarantee sales at this stage, so there’s a chance that won’t happen.

Instead, you’d be better focusing on crops, which offer more affordable options from the start. As you can see from sties like, you don’t even need to worry about building outhouses. You can opt to store your grains elsewhere. In fact, the only costs you really need to worry about are the land, and the seeds themselves. But, you can be sure these wll be a lot less than you’d pay for those animals.

Reap the rewards of what you sow

When it comes to animals, it’s often a long time before you can reap the rewards of your efforts. In some cases, you’ll have to wait years before seeing profit from your livestock. Where crops are involved, you’re sure to have a finished product at the end of each season. Within just a matter of months, your seeds will be ready to head off into the world. And, when they do, you can enjoy the profits they bring you.

More possibility

Farm Startup

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a lot of possibilities when it comes to crop farming. You could argue that the same can be said for livestock. After all, you can choose between cows, chickens, horses; whatever takes your fancy. But, there is a limit to what you can offer. You will always be selling animal products to consumers, be it milk, eggs, or anything else. Whereas, with crops, you can diversify. If you produce grain, you could sell it to farmers as animal feed. Or, you could sell your wheat for cereal production. Or, of course, you could sell your veg straight to the public. Embarking on one or two different enterprises is sure to help diversify what you’re doing. And, that means more profit!


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