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iPhones really are fantastic pieces of technology. From the sleek feel to the ease of use and huge range of apps, it’s no wonder they’re one of the best selling phones of all time. But the problem about iPhones is it’s difficult to customize them. If you live in a house with other iPhone users, you’ll probably know how annoying it is when you keep accidently picking each other’s phone up- or when one rings and you all grab your pocket! Short of jailbreaking it which isn’t recommended, you’re pretty much stuck with a lot of the features and appearances that are on there already. However there are a few ways you can make yours more personal to you, here’s how you can go about it.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are useful for protecting your phone against damage, we’ve all felt that moment of dread where we’ve watched our phone fall to the ground seemingly in slow motion! But along with this, they also make your phone personal to you, you can always tell which is yours at a glance, and it’s a fun way to customize how it looks. You could even go a step further and look into personalized or monogram phone cases to give your phone a unique look. If you’re particularly clumsy, go for a model which absorbs shock or has a cushioned exterior.


Keep the standard iPhone ringtone, and you will probably drive yourself insane. Whenever you’re out and about, and people’s phones are going off, you will constantly be thinking it’s yours! Setting it to something else, or choosing a song from your music library instead allows you to know when it’s your phone that’s ringing. To go a step further you could even set different ringtones and message tones for different people. You can do this simply by going editing the contact information and changing it from there. This helps you to know whether it’s urgent or important such as a family member needing to get in touch, or just your friend calling you for a chat for the tenth time that day.

Wallpaper and Icons

You can find loads of cool HD wallpapers online or just use a photo. There are also free apps which offer lots of different choices which you can download and set. Don’t just stick to the boring standard ones that come with the phone! There are also apps you can download which change the look of the icons too which is a bit of fun and is useful if you want to really customize your device. Again it shows your personality, and helps you to distinguish your phone from others at glance.


There are a wealth of gadgets out there which work with iPhones. For example you can link them to the Apple Watch or Fitbit to interpret your fitness data, you can fly drones from them, set them up to work with projectors, with speakers. This is a cool way to really get the most out of your device. There are even lenses you can add to your phone camera to massively improve the function, so great for budding photographers (or anyone who just loves a good Instagram shot!)

Do you have an iphone? What have you done to make it more customized and personal to you?


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