Find The Best Broadband Deals This Winter


Winter is the perfect time for getting the best broadband deals. Providers like Vodafone and Virgin Media have loads of holiday deals and incentives that can save you a lot of money. Even if you do not want to switch provider, threatening to may get you the same offers that newer customers are receiving.

Still, finding the best deals takes a little work. First of all, you need to know what you are looking for. Sites like Broadband Choices  offer you the best selection from all the providers but you need to know how to choose which deal is right for you. Consider each of the following attributes of your broadband usage and then you can figure out whether it is Vodafone, Plusnet or another provider that will offer you the best deal for your monthly usage.

Download Limits

A lot of people need unlimited broadband since it’s the easiest way to avoid paying extra for excessive use. However, if you do not regularly stream video or download large files, you can save a lot of money by opting for monthly usage limits.

Modern Internet usage requires more data than you would think. Maybe websites incorporate many images and videos into their layouts and looking at friends’ timelines of social media platforms can consume your data quickly. Always err on the side of caution but if you are confident you can safely remain within the limits, it’s one of the best ways to save on a new broadband deal.

Download and Upload Speed

Your download speed determines what you can use your broadband connection for. Slow broadband makes certain activities, like streaming television, functionally impossible. Your download speed is usually dictated by your broadband type and if you want to upgrade, check and see if any of your providers like BT or Plusnet are capable of offering fibre.

Broadband Deals

Your upload speed is also dictated by your broadband type. This does not need to be nearly a fast as your download speed unless you are regularly uploading very large files. If you are, then you can find special packages but a standard fibre connection is likely more than enough for home-usage.

Contract Length

Sometimes, the best broadband deals only last for a year or 6 months or so and then you find yourself locked into a contract with much higher monthly payments. Sometimes, it is worth paying a little more and gain a measure of flexibility through a shorter contract length so you can take advantage of the next batch of deals sooner.

Bonus Extras

Some providers like BT or Virgin Media can offer you more than an Internet connection. Look for packages that bundle in television, gaming or mobile options. Sometimes, you can combine your package so that it covers your smartphone usage. Also, you can pay a little extra and receive a new iPhone or games console as part of your monthly contract.


Putting it all Together

Once you have decided exactly what you need and want from your broadband provider, you need to find a deal that matches your requirements. Going through the website of each and every mobile provider is inefficient and it is easy to miss the best deals while they try and sell you their favourite packages. Visiting stores or phoning providers is worse since the people you talk to are employed to sell you things you do not want or need.

Instead, utilise Broadband Choices or another impartial third party company. These companies are interested in making genuine comparisons instead of selling you specific packages and they make your job much simpler.


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