Five ways to improve your team’s communication at work


Good communication in the office is vital for ensuring that your business runs smoothly and remains productive. It helps to make certain that problems get addressed quickly, questions are answered in a timely fashion, and everyone understands exactly what they need to be doing. So what do you do if your team is struggling in this area? Here are five suggestions for how you can improve communication in your company.

  1. Use online communication tools

This is particularly important if you have people working from home, as many businesses currently do. However, even if everyone is located on-site, the use of online communication tools can be a real help. They play a big role in improving collaboration and removing barriers between team members. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the big-name brands either – Slack alternatives for team communication can be just as effective, if not more so, at facilitating quick and easy teamwork.

  1. Have an open-door policy for managers

Keeping managers accessible to their staff is key for building trust and open communication within teams. It lets people know that they can go to their boss at any time with questions, ideas, or concerns, which in turn tends to make people feel more comfortable at work – and as such results in them being more productive. An open-door policy also ensures that your managers are kept up to date with the latest information and developments within their team.

  1. Go for training

If you feel that a lack of communication in your team is becoming a problem, going for training might be a good idea. This can be a highly effective solution and covers far more than just the basics. It could help your staff learn presentation skills, business writing, and much more in addition to effectively communicating with each other. Although it requires some financial investment and time set aside for the purpose, the results will be well worth it.

  1. Ask for feedback

Sometimes it’s difficult for business owners and managers to understand the root cause of communication problems in the office. A survey can be an insightful way to get genuine feedback from your staff, highlighting concerns and issues that you might never have noticed otherwise. Be sure to keep it anonymous, though, to ensure honest responses. Another idea is to have a suggestion box somewhere in the building where staff can leave ideas anonymously on how to improve various aspects of life in the office.

  1. Have fun together

Yes, team building activities can be tedious and often unpopular – so instead, why not arrange some events that your staff will actually enjoy? Building good relationships between team members is vital for good communication and collaboration because when people feel comfortable around each other and like each other, they naturally work together more effectively. Try having a pizza party once a month, tackling an escape room together, playing mini-golf, or even just going for coffee regularly – you can use the suggestion box mentioned above to gather ideas of what people want to do!


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