Girl Geek Programme finally launched its first UK campus


A new national programme that is aimed at supporting more Female STEM students has been finally launched at the both Newcastle and Northumbria universities. Named the Girl Geeks campus, the programme offers support to women wanting to support more women in pursuing careers and studies in science, technology, engineering and maths. The campus will facilitate a professional community that will be aimed at developing the skills and talents of females in STEM subjects. This will provide real opportunities to connect with industry role models, gain inspiration and support more women in pursuing careers in all STEM sectors.

Accenture who are a management consultant and technology service will be an employer for the programme. The firm will offer mentor and guide students so they can develop the essential skills required for employment.

The girl geek campus will also engage students from the time they start university right the way through to graduation. Bob Paton who is the managing director for Accenture confirmed that the program would be a great initiative that would help encourage more females into the STEM industry. The programme is beginning run to engage more females into the STEM sector which is predominately a male dominated sector. More businesses such as Accenture are looking to work with the education sector to encourage more females to pursue a career path in STEM industries. The new program will certainly offer more career opportunities to those women who are interested whilst also supporting them to fulfil their career aspirations.


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