How Can Crowdsourcing Help You Get Your New Idea Off the Ground?


When someone comes up with a new idea, they are often more than willing to put in countless hours to make that idea work. They have all the ideas in place, they know how they are going to achieve it, they have prepared their family and friends for the fact that they will have time for nothing else for a while. Everything is ready until they find out there isn’t any money available or that they hugely underestimated the necessary funds. This is where good crowdsourcing software comes in, however.

Crowdsourcing Online

There are billions of people online at the minute, and they would love to get involved in things. Crowdsourcing is a method whereby a crowd of internet users providing their skills, time, knowledge and even funds to create something new. Wikipedia, for instance, is an excellent example of crowdsourcing at work.

Essentially, tenders are being sent out to ask people for their skills and knowledge. This could be anything from tagging, translating, writing content and more. Those who bid on these tenders, known as Clickworkers, and are successful in their bid, will also get paid.

What You Can Do with Crowdsourcing – Innovation

You can do all sorts of things through crowdsourcing, which is why it is such a fantastic opportunity for innovation. Some of the services that are offered to new business owners and new projects, for instance, include:

  • Texts, like SEO texts, product descriptions, PC game instructions, travel reports, product reviews, blogs, user question answers, glossary texts and more.
  • Translations
  • Categorizations and tags, like web content, products, archive data, articles, search engine synonyms, images and vides, electronic marking and more.
  • Web research, like opening hours, address data, product prices and information, competitor information and market data.
  • Surveys and texts, including market research, website tests, online services test, product tests and software tests.
  • Graphic design, including website, logo, flyer, poster and web banner design.
  • Problem solving like innovation, photos, images, videos, vectors and so on.

How Does the Order Process Work?

There are now many pieces of crowdsourcing software available, and this means that different types of order processes and procedures also exist. Sometimes, a large task is created and is then broken down into individual jobs and micro-tasks. Others list all jobs together, enabling single users to easily complete several tasks.


Crowdsourcing can be used in an endless variety of ways. If you have an innovative idea, you can quite literally ask others to complete the idea for you, meaning you can continue to work on your normal job, or build up other elements of a new business. Best of all, there is some sort of ethical unspoken code of conduct going on with clickworkers, meaning that they won’t overcharge you, but rather are committed to helping people make it in the competitive world of business. In other words, it is far more affordable than hiring an individual to do the task for you through other channels.


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