How to brand your small business for success


We use brands every day from restaurants, shopping and even banking. We all know how important a brand really is especially as we identify with brands everyday of our lives. Many of us become so attached to a brand that we may never change to another. A brand is ideas and feelings that people such as customers and employees have about you. People are more likely to buy from you if the perception of your ideas is positive. Customer loyalty is a very important part of a brand. Some of the biggest companies worldwide spend millions on branding with the most successful companies becoming well established for many years and of course making huge profits. Some of the most successful brands simply companies that have grown naturally and organically over time. Some of the most successful brands are original and authentic and having their own identity which connects with the public. If you own a small business then it is important to you and many small businesses tend to have the business owners values woven into the business. Branding a successful business should consider the following 5 factors.

1. Think about the brand

For many companies, neglecting the brand can be a common occurrence. Focussing on the operations day to day can see many companies lose sight of the need to focus on their brand altogether. It is important to know what customers think of your brand. Surveys can be a great way to capture customer feelings around what you are offering.

2. Invest you money on creating a better customer experience

Building your brand is not just about building your website and running marketing and advertising campaigns. Customer experience should be the key focus as this is what they will remember you for and more importantly will make them come back for more. Creating great and useful content is always a great step forward to improving user experience. Give your customer something useful to engage them and keep them coming back for more.

3. Communication to your team

Communicate your brand to your team so your company message is transparent throughout your organisation. With a knowledgeable team that connect with your thinking and your brand identity, it then is more transparent to your customers. Have a brand statement that can be trained to your employees and make sure that communicating the values of your brand remain an integral part of your growth strategy.

4. Always innovate and improve

Don’t let your company become outdated and continue to innovate your products and services. Look at some of the most successful brands such as McDonalds and Coco Cola. They continue to bring out new innovations and products that and marketed along their most consistent products. Healthy eating is a key focus at the moment and both brands have been innovative in creating new products that meet this demand. It can be easy for companies to key a successful formula and not innovate themselves. Think about introducing new products and services.

5. Don’t be too secretive

Smaller companies tend to hide their trade secrets and as a result fail to connect with consumers. Customers now want to see what is going on and see complete transparency. People want to be more involved by making thins as well as purchasing them. Think of ways to be more open with customers about what you do.


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