The Importance of Social Media for Global Business


Social media has played a major role in the expanse of business over the past decade. One statistical report noted that countries such as China, Brazil, and India have millions of registered users, which can open doors to business opportunities for entrepreneurs living on the other side of the world. If you want to build a global business, social media can be a useful and inexpensive international marketing and communication tool, no matter which business sector you operate in.

You Can Relay Your Message in Multiple Languages  

While there are many English-speaking people on social media, other major languages used include French, Chinese, and Spanish. Up until now, you may have only communicated in English when it comes to your social media business accounts, but you may be missing out on reaching millions of global customers. Introducing your products and services to these sectors can be tricky, but there are a few strategies you can use.

Proper translation can be crucial for getting your marketing message across. While there are free translation services available online, any nuance or clever wording in your post may get lost when you attempt to translate word for word. Instead, invest in the translation services of a native speaker who can help you retain the nature and intent of your message.

There Are Multiple Platforms Available

Sometimes a photo or video can convey a marketing message with more impact than a word post might. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat allow you to create and share this type of content with international users who may not speak your language but understand the universal language of facial expressions and emotions sent via video and photograph.

Using these platforms for your global digital marketing campaign can help you take advantage of the latest trends in this sector, such as contacting international investors and influential social media users who may help awareness of your product grow. Tracking social media trends may help you find doors to international success and keep you at the top of your marketing game.

You Can Foster a Global Persona

When you move your business into the global market and make an effort to reach out to international audiences, this can present you as a global thinker and as someone with an open mind. While this may not seem important at first, it can be crucial when it comes to how people perceive you in your role as the head of a company. Reaching out to a global audience and making the effort to connect with people different than you may impress prospective customers and allow you to present yourself as a leader who is interested in bridging cultural gaps.

You Can Discover Overseas Networks

International networks may allow you to reach a wider global audience. Some successful business moguls, such as Sjamsul Nursalim, come from countries that register millions of social media users and have used them to further their success. For example, Nursalim hails from Indonesia, which ranks as the fourth-highest country in social media user numbers. The real estate, fuel and retail investor has a considerable presence on Facebook, which illustrates the importance of exploring overseas networks and using them to spread awareness of your business.

Social Media Tools Are Inexpensive

Some companies have created successful social media campaigns from scratch without spending a lot of money. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer their users a variety of free tools, such as the ability to queue and schedule posts. These tools can allow you to post at peak hours in a variety of different countries. Using these tools, along with creating an engaging campaign, can help you succeed without the cost of hiring a marketing team.

Creating a global company with the use of social media platforms can help you reach a wealth of prospective customers. Remember to create a strong, consistent brand and link them all to build a robust international marketing campaign for your business.



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