LED Ambiance with the Playbulb Candle


Mipow recently released the Playbulb an LED bulb-and-speaker-in-one.  The lights can be controlled by a free app on your smartphone. Candles create the perfect ambiance around the home but with the Playbulb, Technology plays a major part. The app allows users to brightest and even select their own colours simply using your fingers. The really cool feature is that the sensors allow you to the playbulb out like a real candle! Would you agree that it is much more like a real candle just a 21st century gadget giving you the real ambiance of a candle. An embedded scent diffuser also brings an aromatic feel. On the reverse side, their is also a neat little holder for tealights so you can fuse good old fashioned fire with technology.The fact that you can change the colour with the app allows the candles to be colour matched to any home decor. Create the ambiance with your lounge, garden, bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

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