Lexus presents the hoverboard on the 5th August


Everyone is getting very excited as more footage is released featuring the Lexus Hoverboard. Since watching back to the future 2, we all dreamed of owning one of those hoverboards. Well technology seems to have finally caught up with itself however; it is unlikely that the average person will be able to afford one. Lexus has announced that the hoverboard project will be revealed on the on the 5th August. The demonstration will see the hoverboard in action with Lexus also revealing its own private skate park. See That Lexus hoverboard has its own custom skatepark.

The trailer shows the skatepark featuring the hoverboard in action. Of course we all excited in anticipation of seeing the true secrets of the hoverboard revealed. At present there has been no footage of the hoverbboard being manned. We really want to see a person flying through the air as did Michael J fox in the classic 80s movie.

We do know that the liquid nitrogen smoke helps keep the hoverboards superconductors and magnets cold which support its levitation. Roll on the 5th August this new tech gadget is finally revealed.

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