Microsoft debuts augmented reality Minecraft


HoloLens technology brings Minecraft to life

Microsoft demonstrated Halolens technology in conjunction with block builder working that should excite Mindcrafters

This demonstration featured two Mojang workers who were on stage at the corporations E3 Xbox press conference. They wowed the audience using Hololens headsets which demonstrated the movement of the game environment from the screen to a surface where it was seen by the audience in augmented 3D.

The audience were able to see a scaled down icy palace that featured the other player as a small avatar who was walking about. This provided the perfect opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of player creations. However at this stage any advantages for building things is still to be seen.

By the use of gestures and simple voice commands, the view could be swiftly moved around to uncover various sections of the map. It was also possible to use the Halolens headset through solid blocks revealing the inside of the castle which was well received.

There is no doubt that the demo would have left Mindcrafters full of excitement. Simply put Block fanciers will have their living rooms transformed into their own creations which they may have taken years to create. Well it is addictive and it may just get even harder to ignore.

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