Could You Be Missing Out By Shunning Visual Marketing?


Marketing to a modern audience certainly isn’t without its challenges. Back in the age before the internet, selling yourself to your customers was relatively straightforward. You figured out who you were targeting, devised an ad tailored precisely to them and put it out into the public sphere. Normally, this meant in publications they would read, or near places they would usually visit – tube stations for the 9-5 commuters, for example. These days, however, audiences are much more fickle. Your target demographic is probably used to having advertisements and brand information shoved down their throats at every given opportunity; such is the saturation of the market. Therefore, when selling yourself to a 21st-century audience, you have to get things down to a much more fine art.  The usual tricks of presenting information to your audience and getting them to watch your promo vid may not always work, as most consumers have limited time. In that tube journey, an average commuter may check the news, reply to texts and update their social media platforms; they probably won’t have time to spend those twenty minutes reading an in-depth analysis of why they should hire your business. With that in mind, you may need to consider grabbing their attention immediately with some snappy visual marketing. Here are some ways in which you can do so.


Memes are a great modern example of visual marketing and why you need to be doing it. They have taken off online in a way that no one could predict, and more and more brands are wisely getting on board with them. So, what exactly are they? Broadly speaking, a meme is a piece of visual content – a picture or a video – that is shared widely online for the purpose of humor. Often, they relate to things that have happened in the news, or common problems people run into. Consider making your memes with the help of a social media expert, or seeing what existing memes are out there and whether you can tailor them to your own business.

Visual Marketing


One common issue marketers face is getting all the desired information across to their audience, without losing them in the process. Let’s face it: as soon as most of us are presented with a big block of text, we lose interest immediately, as it simply looks too daunting. Infographics split this information down into easily digestible blocks, making it much easier for you to engage with your audience.


Online video has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years, with Facebook’s video feature now being considered as a real contender for YouTube.  As a business owner, it would be foolish not to get on board with this, as a video is an effective way to spread your message to the desired audience. If you have a specific campaign you want to promote with a video, you could hire a videographer who can help you put together something stylish and professional. Then, it’s up to you and your marketing team to spread the word.


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