Ow, My Eyes! Avoid These Web Design Fails


You may be under the impression that the content of your website is all that really matters. Why should people place particular focus on the design? Isn’t that just a superficial way of looking at things? Well, like it or lump it, users do care about design – and for very good reasons. This guide should make those reasons clear to you while outlining some common design fails!

Web Design Fails

Unclear navigation

The Internet is supposed to be about ease and speed, right? So when a user visits a website that is a slog to navigate, then they might end up thinking your website is in violation of some unspoken law and close their tab straight away. Keep a navigation bar in plain sight at all times, and ensure that elements popular with surfers are prominent in the layout. For example, one thing that people should always have clear access to is the search box. If that’s not immediately visible as soon as they enter the website, then you’ve made a mistake. The navigation on your website should be seamless.

Web Design Fails

Color errors

Yeah, we get it. You like color. You like it so much that you’ve decided to put every color you can think of on your website.This is a mistake; it turns the whole design into an eyesore, and can even make certain buttons or sections of text more difficult to read. Of course, not everyone is guilty of too much color – a more common mistake is that they’re simply using colors that don’t much all that well, or colors that call way too much attention to themselves. Be careful with your choice of colors! There’s a reason that most of the biggest websites out there have relatively simple color schemes.

Web Design Fails

Low-quality images

The images you pick to illustrate and break up the text should be relevant, high-quality, and interesting. If the images you’re using aren’t any of these things, then they’re just going to feel redundant. Like a waste of bandwidth. Really good photography is great for websites; it lends a feeling of professionalism to your brand. High-quality file formats make them much nicer to look at; if the images are blurry jpegs, then people are going to put off a little. It suggests you don’t have much of a discerning eye when it comes to image quality! Make sure you’re using a good stock photo gallery when selecting images for your website.

Web Design Fails

Unorganized content

There should always be a way of accessing certain types of content from the home page. A lack of this is a common error in many blogs (this includes blogs that have been added onto business websites and e-commerce sites). You shouldn’t just have a long list of blog posts that users are expected to scroll through until they find something of particular interest to them. Make sure there are category filters available, either in your main navigation bar or to the side of the blog page. Not only does a lack of this confuse users; it also makes it harder for SEO algorithm bots to ‘read’ your website!


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