The Power of Gifting: How to Thank Your Clients and Customers


Imagine this. You’re in the office boardroom, palms sweating and legs fidgeting as you wait for the final verdict from your next potential client. It’s a deal worth several hundred thousand and today is the deadline. He stares at you with his blank expression and thick-rimmed sunglasses. He shuts his bulky business folder with a thump and stands up from the chair. He slowly approaches you and you’re fearing the worst: he’s going to decline your offer.

Then suddenly, his neutral face cracks a smile and he extends his hand to you. Your shake his hand and you both give each other a nod. “Thank you.” he says, “We’ll be in touch.”. He leaves the room with his entourage of business partners and you can’t help but leap into the air once he’s a good distance away so that he doesn’t hear your unprofessional cries of joy—you’ve just made a successful deal.


What Now?

So where do you go from here? You’ve just made a successful deal and you’ve made a new business partner. It’s important to keep up to date with your new buddy and stay connected. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to thank your clients properly, but it doesn’t have to be a major business deal that warrants a simple thank you or a gift.

A follow-up email or message is a fine way to show that you plan to stay in this business partnership for a long time. Even if it’s a customer that just bought a pair of socks from you, it’s good to let your customers know that you care about your relationship with them by sending them a message.


Give a Gift

Many businesses prepare gifts for their major clients, but you can also give thanks to smaller customers as well. For example, restaurants and fast food locations tend to hand out free samples, drinks, or snacks to customers that spend a certain amount of money. A Chinese restaurant might give you a handful of fortune cookies for free, and a stationary store might gift you a free pen or pencil sample of a new product.

It’s a method of retaining your customers, but the samples are also a sneaky way to encourage your customers and clients to buy more of your products and to subtly advertise new stock. There are also unique branded gifts you can hand out so that people will remember your brand. For example, lets you customise fun and quirky products with your business logo or slogan.


Seasonal Greetings

A great way to let your clients and customers know that you’re thinking of them is to send them seasonal greetings. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, the anniversary of your business partnership, or even their birthday, it doesn’t take much effort to send them a digital or physical card to show your appreciation.

There are automated mailing systems that can do this for you as well, or you could set up reminders so you can personalise each message instead of using a stock response. You could always sneak in some deals, offers, or sample products as well!


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