The Qualities That Turn A Good Business Site Into A Truly Great Site


The website. It’s the swiss army knife of your online marketing world. It can build your brand, it can attract customers and it can even help you learn more about them. However, you need to make sure it’s a site that people actually like to use to get any of those benefits. Here, we’ll look at the qualities of a truly attractive website.

Truly Great Site


Let’s consider that most people who go to your site aren’t going to go with the intention of becoming a customer. They’re interested, yes, but that doesn’t mean money in your pocket. Most of them go information hunting at first. Your deals and how well you market your products aren’t enough. Your expertise is just as important. Content marketing is becoming so key to a lot of businesses because it’s precisely the way they have of showing their industry smarts. Make sure you’re producing content with the explicit purpose of showing that you know what you’re on about.


The sad truth is that most people aren’t going to find out how smart your site is unless it’s also attractive enough to keep them there. Going for a little used theme in an off-the-shelf site builder isn’t enough. If you want a site that stands out and makes you look like a truly committed professional, you need it to be unique. To that end, it’s a lot more reliable to use people like a website design agency than a website building app. People who don’t differentiate themselves just look amateur.


Your website doesn’t have to speak for itself, either. It’s only natural that people are going to have questions that you can’t answer in a few webpages. How you provide that support is important. You can use your business contact details alongside an ‘About Me’ page to add a bit of personality to the page. Or you can use things like in-site chat apps that allow you to answer questions live from whomever happens to be using it. For technical businesses, it’s a good idea to have an extensive FAQ page, too.


If your page is leading people towards sales or if it’s an ecommerce platform, you need to get to the point. Each step it takes the customer to get what they want, you increase the chances of them losing interest. This is a well-known phenomenon known as shopping cart abandonment. There are a few ways to reduce it. First, reduce the amount of steps it takes to get what they want, obviously. Secondly, use what’s called breadcrumb navigation. This means that the steps of a purchase are always outlined and the customer can see exactly where they are in the process. If they see that they’re coming up to the finish line they’re a lot more likely to stick it out.

Are you not willing to put the effort of making your website better than it is? Then you shouldn’t expect any of the benefits that a great website can give you. On the other hand, if you follow the tips above, you’re likely to see just how influential a good site and be on a business.


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