The “Retro Virus” – Games That Still Retain Their Charm


For people in their mid-30s, the concept of retro gaming is a bit of a strange term because surely gaming hasn’t advanced that much since 20 years ago?! Well, as we know, we’ve got COD and games that are almost too advanced in their closeness to reality. It was a simpler time when we had games where you played some sort of animal rather than a mercenary! And here are three games that you can only hope are due some sort of comeback.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The definitive classic of the retro gaming era (well, maybe apart from Mario), Sonic combined all that epitomized the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive platformer. Fluffy animals, cutting edge graphics, and an incredible addictiveness, what else do you need? Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was superior in this humble author’s opinion, but, yes, Tails was very annoying! And original copies of the game can cost well into the 100s of dollars now, but even games that aren’t even that old in comparison, Pokémon I’m looking at you, are racking up massive prices. Look at if you don’t believe me! But even games as recent as Pokémon has shown that there is a massive call for old games, and Sonic seems to represent everything that was so good about the Sega Genesis. The graphics got even better with games like Flashback, which really showed off what the console was capable of.

Super Mario Brothers 3

We can talk about the pioneering first game until we’re blue in the face, but it’s the third game where it became the legend we all know and love. Mario 2 strayed away from what made the original so groundbreaking, but it was fine-tuned with number 3. The combination of platform with the map setup seemed to help break down the game into a better experience, which paved the way for every other RPG that followed. Sure, the original Final Fantasy games were the definitive RPG of its era, but for those that didn’t even care for the format, Mario 3 had the whole package.

Star Fox

Known as Star Wing in the UK, it was yet another layer of action and plot that helped bridge the gap between gameplay and interactive world. The era after this followed with classic PC games like the first Grand Theft Auto, but Star Fox for the Super Nintendo was the first spaceflight game that made the most of supporting characters and cutting edge graphics for its time. It formed part of the 3-D player generation which was pointing towards the future, but still retained the charm of the scrolling shoot em up setup. Star Fox 64 (also known as Lylat Wars) showcased the pioneering graphics of the Nintendo 64 but focused more on the action rather than the interaction between characters.

Retro games were simpler in every sense of the word, but the charm they had was something else completely. Games like Doom followed shortly after, which ushered in the violent game era that is still raking in the cash, but for comfort and downright playability, these three were hard to beat!



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