Setting Up Your New Office: A Short Guide


Whether you’re moving office or you’re setting up your very first place of work, creating a space in which your employees feel motivated and comfortable is your number one priority. In this short guide, you’ll learn about the factors that bring together the ideal workplace – and these will help direct you towards the aspects of your new office that you need to concentrate on the most.

Read on to discover how to make an empty space into an exciting and productive office space, ready for your workers to inhabit and enjoy.


While the past 50 years of office layout plans have been a little dry, in the last decade or so there has been a huge rethink concerning the best way to set offices up for teams to work effectively in. The dominant thinking in today’s era is that office spaces should feel collaborative and roomy – with each member of staff able to see, speak with and advise others from their desk. As such, when you’re setting up your office, be aware that desks and seating should encourage communication and collaboration across teams and departments – rather than isolating individuals without peer support and feedback.


The atmosphere of an office is difficult to pin down, but has a dramatic effect on how your workers feel and act when they’re in the workplace. Some factors that influence the atmosphere of an office might include:

  • The temperature of the office
  • The natural light or artificial light used
  • The sounds in the office – like computers humming, or low music
  • The colors, plants, and other decorative touches you add

Perhaps the most basic and important of these aspects are lighting and temperature. To heat your place of work, consider using reverse cycle air conditioning to pump out the heat in the winter and cool air in summer. It is the hottest and coolest solution year round! Meanwhile, large windows or non-fluorescent light fittings are best for large office spaces to create a more natural environment.


Be kind to your staff by providing them with the facilities they need to be productive and happy in the workplace. If your staff are likely to cycle, run or walk into work, they’ll appreciate showering and changing facilities within your office space. If you’re isolated far from restaurants, cafes and shops, it’s imperative that you add a kitchen to help employees cook. And finally, all offices should come equipped with a water and a hot drinks making station – absolutely essential for all office setups.


Finally, you shouldn’t overlook the power of computers, and their attached screens and hardware items, in bringing together your workers to be as productive and effective as possible in their work. Fast computers are a must to help your staff meet their deadlines while a dual-screen setup has been shown to enhance the productivity of workers by up to 50%. Bear these considerations in mind if your office is to draw the potential out of your staff, encouraging them to work as fast as possible in their roles.

There you have it: four key elements to consider when you’re setting up a new office space for the first time – all helping you create a space in which employees can be happy, fulfilled and hardworking.


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