How Technological Developments are Changing the Way That We Engage With Games


As technology develops and gaming becomes an increasingly digitalized experience, it isn’t all too surprising that the ways in which we are engaging with games are constantly changing. Here are just a few ways that technological developments are changing the ways that we engage with games.

Technological Developments

Virtual Reality

It is needless to say that gaming technology has changed drastically over the past few decades. However, the most dramatic progression is perhaps the advancement of virtual reality games in the past few years. The huge difference between virtual reality and other forms of gaming is that the user can feel as though they are really a part of the game, experiencing it in a more intimate and personal way. You can get your adrenaline pumping as you take in a 360-degree view of the gaming environment around you. This is a more immersive form of gaming available at the moment, and as technology progresses, it is only set to improve further. VR also holds huge potential for casino players playing online, allowing them to get right into the game as if they were in a real life casino, but from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Technological Developments


In years gone by, interacting with others while gaming was relatively limited. Multi user options were restricted to playing with someone else who was using the same device as you, but with a second controller. This resulted in gaming being considered a relatively isolated and anti-social hobby. Nowadays, you can actually play with individuals from across the world. The introduction of affordable headsets and microphones mean that you can communicate with other users in-game. This makes the experience much more social and encourages interaction with others in order to succeed as you advance through different levels of the game. It is important to remember, however, to be relatively private when it comes to discussing personal information with others while playing. You never really know who is on the other side of the conversation, so don’t reveal passwords, disclose your full name or address at any time. This will help to protect your personal privacy.

Mobile Gaming

Gaming is no longer restricted to your home. The rapid development of apps means that you can now game on the go. Whether during your lunch break at work or on your daily commute. This makes good use of time when you would otherwise be sitting around aimlessly. However, things have moved on dramatically since the days of Snake and Tetris. While mobile gaming may be a relatively new venture, certain games have experienced profound success. Just take a look at Pokemon Go or Angry Birds. These games are relatively simple, allowing you to experience them despite the limitations posed by touch screen gaming on Apple or Android handheld devices. However, they are much more engaging than pixelated games of years gone by.

These are just a few of many tech developments that have seen gaming advance in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Each has had a profound effect on the ways that we engage with games.


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