Ten Key things look for when hiring a Web Designer


If you are a small business owner then having your own website will be a key step to marketing your business services or products online. Online marketing is crucial for any new business as most of your audience will be searching and shopping online. With so much competition online, customers can be very picky about how a website is presented to them. A website that is visually appealing is more likely to attract customers to enter and browse. Remember the professional presentation of your brand will have a direct impact on sales. Studies show that first impressions are very important with customers likely to choose a product poor service that is professionally presented. Your website is your shop window.

If hiring a designer, consider the following;

Designers Portfolio/Design

Check out the designer’s portfolio of other work. This will let you know about their style and more important the quality of their work. This will help you decide if the designer can produce a design that fits your image and brand.

Length of Experience

A designers experience is very important so make sure you check who they have worked with and what projects they have worked on. Commercial experience will be very important especially if your brief is complicated. Look at what experience the designer has had on working with similar projects. Remember delivery and on-going support will be crucial when hiring a designer.

Cost against Value

Complex ecommerce websites can cost £1000s. Remember you always get what you pay for. Websites can have teething problems so on-going support to fix any issues will be important. There can be big differences between costs quoted by designers so make sure you get plenty of quotes and again look at previous work and design portfolios.


The web is changing daily and websites need to evolve with technological advances and consumer demand. You will need a designer who can help your business grow and make the necessary changes to your website to support these changes. Remember a designer needs to at hand to support you in the future as your business grows and develops.

Designers Style Match

Be sure to look at the designer’s style to see if it matches your requirements. The are many tech savvy designers out there but it is also important that their values and style match yours. A good match will ensure that your relationship will be based on similar tastes.7

Location of your designer

With selling platforms such as people per hour, location is not so important. It is now possible to hire a designer no matter where in the world they are located. The digital marketplace makes it possible to get work completed by designers across the labour. It can really be about peace of mind. For example doe their location really matter to you. Consider using Skype as an interview and communication platform if finding a designer abroad.

Using an agency or freelancer

Agencies can be costly as freelancers tend to be lower priced. There are pros and cons with both options. Agencies will normally offer more experience. This will be a key decision that will be the difference between the right decision and a costly mistake.


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