Three benefits to not all working in the same office


Traditionally, going to work has always meant going to an office, factory or some building where you gather with the rest of your colleagues. What if going to work didn’t mean going to a physical building but just starting to work on projects wherever you are? Here are three reasons why not working in the same building could benefit your company.

A happy worker is a productive worker

For decades, many managers have believed that to get the most productivity out of your workforce you need to watch over them at all times. You need to be there to tell your team to quieten down and get back to work when they start chatting or even start fooling around with their colleagues and get distracted from the task in hand. The reality is that the opposite is true. Research has found that if employees are able to work at home, away from the gaze of their manager, they are actually often more productive and the profits of the company they work for also increase.

You might think that it would be difficult to manage virtual teams, but in fact in many ways it can be easier. At the start of your day, you can brief your whole team at once, no matter where they are working, via an online meeting. This will give you a much easier way of clearly setting out the team’s objectives and allow your employees to share any ideas or strengths with the rest of the team.

Less chance of illness

In 2020, the biggest concern for many managers has been keeping their employees safe from coronavirus. While many people are looking forward to the day the world has beaten the disease and life can get back to normal, you shouldn’t allow your office to go back to the way you worked before. Although COVID-19 might have been the most serious virus we’ve faced during many of our lifetimes, other viruses like colds, throat infections and sickness bugs will still be around long after any vaccine for the current coronavirus. By letting employees work from home, you are reducing the chances of one sick employee infecting the rest of the workforce. This means you’ll avoid any big staffing problems and will be able to continue to be productive throughout the year. You might find the employee is able to recover from the illness and return to work sooner if they haven’t had to drag themselves out of bed to the office.

Save money

As well as keeping your staff happy and healthy, letting employees work from home could also help increase your profits. You will find that less people working in the office means you’ll have to pay less for utilities like electricity and water. You’ll even end up spending less on things like stationary, printer paper and even toilet paper. You could even find that you are able to move into a smaller office if you have less people working in it every day, reducing the amount of rent you pay.

Allowing staff to work is also a great way of making sure they stay with the company for a long time to come. As they won’t want to leave, you’ll also save the money not spent on recruitment processes in the future.


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