Three Stellar Steps To Successful Small Business Blogging


In recent years, we have seen the rise and rise of blogging. For many ‘lifestyle’ bloggers, they have been able to make a full-time job out of it and get to work with some world famous brands. So alongside your small business, it is a good idea to be using blogging as another way to elevate your business to success. For some businesses, it isn’t going to always be relevant. But let’s face it, for the majority, it will be. So here are some steps that blogging for business should include, to make sure that you are using it in the right way, that will make an impact and make it worth your while.

Small Business Blogging


If you start to get a few loyal readers or followers of your business, then they will come back to the blog regularly. So having fresh new content is really key. Not only does it give your readers something new, but search engines love to have new content. So if you want to be found on the front page of an online search, then having plenty of posts live, as well as backlinks to your site, will help. If you needed some more information on why SEO is valuable to you as a small business, then you could read this article here. Getting your head around it and understanding it all is an important step to be able to help your small business progress.

Keep It Personal

One thing that makes blogs such a massive success is how personal they are. Reading about real people that think the same as you or have had similar thoughts or experiences can be really reassuring. So try to keep your blog quite personal. Obviously, there are certain levels of sharing to adhere to. It just depends on your audience. If your small business is a baby product, then sharing some of your woes of parenthood might be the way to go. But for a tech startup, that kind of thing wouldn’t suit your audience. But you can add in personal details like weekend plans, likes and dislikes. It makes you and your business seem much more accessible.

Don’t Be a Salesman

If all that you post about on your business blog is about your products or business idea, then it quickly becomes very dull. More people will find your blog online if they are searching for something and you have the answers. So share industry insights and tips and tricks. Talk about current affairs, especially if any of them are related to your business or ethos. Even if the people reading aren’t currently using your business or products, it helps them. It shows them where to look for similar information in the future, and they will now know your business name. So you never know what will happen from there. None of us really like the hard sell, so try to avoid it too often.

Does your small business have a blog at the moment? Would be interesting to hear how you’re making it work.



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