Three Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On For Your Dental Practice


When you are running a dental practice, it can be tough at times to focus in on the specifics. There are so many priorities that you have to keep track of and manage on a day-to-day basis, not least of which is providing the best possible care to your patients. Occasionally, things can escape your notice. This might end up costing you big in the long run, however.

If you would like to find out if you are wasting money in the management of your dental practice, then here are three things that you might be spending too much on.

1. Supplies

Your dental practice goes through a large amount of supplies every day. Items like gloves, masks and floss are things that you and your employees will use quite frequently. Without these supplies, your practice would come to an abrupt halt. If you haven’t evaluated where you get these supplies from for a short time, then you might actually be paying too much for them.

Consider taking the time to go over your inventory. Are you accidentally purchasing too many of a particular item? Have you thought about buying Bulk Dental Supplies in order to save money? Without asking yourself these questions you might continue to unnecessarily spend too much money.

2. Equipment Servicing

Every dental practice has to have a number of larger pieces of equipment like X-ray machines and dental chairs. Depending on the size of your practice, you might have an above average amount of these items. Over the course of the year, these items will need to be serviced in order to maintain optimal levels of operation and safety. Such servicing does not come cheap, however.

If it has been a little while since you looked at your servicing contracts for your equipment, then it might be time to do so. Paying too much for such services might not have an immediate impact on your finances, but over enough time you could find that you are missing out on an opportunity to save.

3. Waste Management and Disposal

As a medical office, your dental practice has its fair share of waste that needs to be safely disposed of. Any gauze that has blood on it, used sharps, and anything containing lead needs to be handled by the appropriate disposal agency. Some of these can be taken care of simply enough, while others are more expensive to dispose of because they are classified as hazardous materials.

For every type of hazardous waste material that you need taken away on a regular basis, you will need a contract with the appropriate waste management service. These contracts are a regular part of your practice’s budget. However, if you haven’t shopped around for the best deal or renegotiated your current contracts, you might be paying too much. Take some time to acquire a fair amount of quotes from different companies, as that way you can compare and find the right contracts for you practice.


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