Is It Time To Ditch Your Laptop?


I use a laptop everyday but I never move it. It stays on my desk in the same place pretty much all of the time, which got me thinking, wasn’t the whole point of a laptop that you can take it around with you? Yes, so why did I get one instead of a desktop when I’m never going to move it? The simple answer is, I followed the crowd. The majority of people I know have a laptop and their sales outweigh desktops by a huge amount, but the truth is, a desktop might actually be better if you don’t need to work on the move. This quick list of some of the benefits should help you to decide whether to ditch the laptop in favor of a desktop.

Price/Performance Ratio

This is probably one of the major benefits of getting a desktop instead of a laptop. If portability isn’t a big deal to you, you could get a lot more power for roughly the same price. Desktops tend to be cheaper in general and so if you’re spending $500 on a laptop, a desktop for the same price will have more processing power, more memory, and a better graphics card. If you sell your laptop or macbook and use that money to buy a desktop instead, chances are, you’ll end up coming away with a huge upgrade.


Upgrade Options

This is another huge plus that desktop users will always come back to when they’re trying to convert you from the laptop. Replacing the hard drive on a laptop is fairly simple, but beyond that, you’re going to run into trouble if you aren’t an expert. Most laptop users will keep theirs for about 3 years or so before it starts getting incredibly slow and you buy a new one. However, desktops have so many more upgrade options so instead of shelling out for a brand new computer every single time, you just make a few upgrades which is cheaper and easier because you don’t have to mess about transferring files over to the new computer and all that business.



As well as being easier to upgrade, desktop computers are also way simpler to repair. You can open them up way easier than a laptop to repair any bits that are broken. And like I said before if anything is damaged beyond repair, replacing it is simple and not too expensive.

More Comfortable To Use

When you get a laptop you’re limited to the keyboard that it comes with. You can always plug another one in but then you might as well just be using a desktop computer. Having more choice over the keyboard and mouse setup that you use with your computer is great for anybody that plays a lot of games on it, as well as people that use it for work all day every day. Properly designed ergonomic keyboards can help you to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Laptops seem to have taken over as the norm but the truth is, most people would be better off with a desktop.


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