Tips For Expanding Your Business Internationally


For many business owners, simply finding success in their home country is a mammoth task. However, when you’ve managed to do it and you’re ready to expand, it’s time to look at the international market. You might have spotted a gap that you could exploit in a certain country, or simply want to find success in more places. Whatever the reason; you’re going to have to put a lot of work and preparation into it. By going about things the right way, you’ll be best placed to enjoy success worldwide. Here are some tips for expanding internationally.

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  • Is There A Demand For Your Services Overseas?

Before you even think about diving in, you need to do extensive planning beforehand. The biggest part of this plan is to consider whether there is even a demand for your services and products overseas. There’s no point putting the work in to expand internationally if no-one is going to buy into what you’re offering. Look at the markets and talk to contacts that might live over there. Try and gauge the market before you bother entering into it.

  • Are Your Services/Products Too Localized?

It might just be that what you’re offering is too localized to your specific country. We’ve all heard of famous TV shows and movies failing to break the American market or vice-versa, and the same applies here. Sometimes, you just aren’t going to find success with certain products in different countries. You’re going to have to adapt to reach a wider appeal abroad. That doesn’t mean you have to tinker with the success you have in your home country, but consider your options abroad. Maybe it’s as simple as changing the packaging, or marketing in a different way? Whatever it is: figure it out.

  • Have You Thought About Language/Cultural Barriers?

This point follows on from our last one and questions whether certain barriers could get in your way. Think about all the documentation that comes with what you’re offering. Are you going to need translation services if you’re sending these products abroad? You can’t expect the entire world to learn your language for the purpose of your business. Thoroughly analyse the market and jot down notes about what you’ll need to do to appeal to each different culture and language. If you don’t; customers will simply go elsewhere.

  • Are You Willing To Take The Risk?

Remember how much of a risk it was when you started your business? You probably poured a lot of money into the running of it, and you never knew if it’d pay off. The same goes for expanding internationally. It might work and make fantastic profits, or it could go wrong. Extensive planning will give you the best possibilities to succeed, but you never know if it’s going to work. Ask yourself if you’re willing to take the risk or whether you want to make do with what you’ve got. It’s a big commitment, so be ready to work hard if you go for it.

If you’re expanding internationally in the near future, I wish you the best of luck.


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