Tips on Starting your New Business in Montreal


Montreal is an exciting and unique city in so many different ways. The European influence is seen all over the place from kisses instead of handshakes, to the French language being spoken in everyday conversation. If you are thinking of starting a business in Montreal then you will need to adjust your business to fit the local customs. This article will help to give you some advice on starting your new business in Montreal.

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Learn the Language

Montreal is full of small to medium local businesses who appreciate, and thrive on a close community network. If you are going to have an office based in Montreal make sure that you have a team that speaks both French and English. If you are conducting business here you must be aware that most professionals expect you to be bilingual, and all written material must presented in both languages. Do not rely on a simple translation tool to communicate with clients. Make sure that you are fluent in both languages, and if you are not then hire someone who is.


Montreal has a long history of successful businesses. To network with the other companies it’s advisable to join a local business meet-up group. Get to know others working in the same industry as you and build relationships with them. You may find there are several private exclusive business clubs which are worth looking into. You can also look online for local meet-ups, networking groups, and events.

Business Dining

Professionals from Montreal are keen to have long lunches, wine during working hours, and music playing while talking business. This can sometimes be a little different than the way you would traditionally take on a business meeting in the US. In Montreal the way of conducting business is laid back and fun. It’s important to keep this in mind when arranging meetings, and making deals.

Know Your Sports

The majority of the population of Montreal are die hard hockey fans. So, it’s vital that you know your hockey stats, and teams before conducting business. Be prepared to talk about sports, and hockey scores at each and every appointment.


People in Montreal treat business on a very personal level. Be prepared to make agreements based on a single handshake. In many business meetings a handshake is considered as binding as a written signature on a contract. Also be aware that the laws in Canada are very different from American laws so it’s vital that you get yourself a business lawyer who can help you get a grip on all the rules and regulations.


Before making the move be sure to do some research into commercial real estate in Montreal. You will need a solid location and base that’s easily accessible to the city. Professionals in Montreal love to keep everything close by so finding a place that’s local and easy to reach by public transport is vital.

Montreal is a really different city, and many businesses who relocate here don’t ever want to leave. By keeping these tips in mind, you should find that you enjoy your time in the city.


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