Top 7 Apps to Help You Grow Your Small Business


As a small business owner, you understandably need all of the help that you can get with various aspects of financial management, team management, communication and more. It may seem like many of your larger and more well-established competitors have more tools and resources at their disposal.

This could give them a competitive edge, but the reality is that there are excellent apps available to you that can help you to even the playing field and better manage your business in different ways. Many have very affordable rates that make them truly beneficial for small businesses to use. You certainly do not have time or energy available to try all of the apps out there that are designed for small business owners, but you should consider trying at least a few of these top options.


Managing your books can be time-consuming and even confusing at times. However, you do not have the flexibility to make financial mistakes or oversights when you run a small business.

Freshbooks is a straightforward platform that takes the time and stress out of accounting tasks. It offers resources for payments, time tracking, invoicing and more. You can access its features online or through a mobile app, making it a convenient resource for you to use in any type of business environment.


Managing expense reports is necessary for several reasons. You want to accurately reimburse your employees without overpaying them. You also need to track these expenses for tax reporting purposes.

Expensify is a mobile app that you and all of your employees can use to quickly and easily create expense reports. All aspects of expense reporting is automated to save you time and to eliminate expensive errors.


Asana is a team-based platform that makes it easy for you to work with both remote and in-house teams on all types of projects. Many larger companies use Asana, but it is scalable to meet the needs of smaller companies as well.

You can easily create projects and add team members to each project. Actionable steps are created and are checked off in real-time. Notes can be created to keep the time on target and more. This improves productivity and efficiency for all your teams and projects.


At first glance, Slack seems very similar to Asana, but it has some important differences that make it worth exploring. Slack helps you to manage your employees and to ensure that everyone is working on important tasks.

They can collaborate on projects, but the application also gives you and your team a place to track to-do items, log calls and emails and more. This app helps you to improve workflow for both in-house and remote employees.


OneDrive is a Microsoft application that is designed to facilitate file sharing. Your documents can be stored in the OneDrive application, and you can access those files from any location where you have Internet access and log into your account.

You can also create shared folders, and this facilitates collaboration through file sharing. There is never a concern about duplicate files being worked on when the files are stored through OneDrive.


Managing your sales team can seem like a regular struggle. You understandably want to ensure that everyone is working hard, but you also need to see the funnel so that you can properly project income.

Pipedrive lets your entire sales team incorporate their information into a single platform. They benefit from streamlined tracking, and you benefit through analysis and live tracking features.


If you are looking for an effective way to manage and analyze your marketing campaigns, MailChimp is a great resource. This application is specifically geared toward email marketing, and it’s a great choice for creating and sending campaigns, managing your subscribers and tracking ecommerce activity.

MailChimp also gives you detailed reports along with daily summaries that can tell you your open rate, click through rate and more. While this is a straightforward application that is easy to use, it has analytical benefits that even much larger companies benefit from.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous applications that can simplify your business tasks in many ways. Some can even help you to improve on your own current efforts. Take time to learn more about these applications, and plan to try some of them out soon to take advantage of the benefits that they can provide.



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