Transforming Your PC Into A Gaming Machine


Most regular PCs can handle the odd video game. But if you’re a dedicated gamer looking to top the leaderboards and reach pro status, you household computer is going to need a few mods. Here are a few ways that you can transform your PC into an advanced gaming console.

Customise your controls

Your everyday keyboard isn’t built to deal with the button mashing abuse that a pro gamer puts it through. Specialised gaming keyboards are much more resilient and are better designed against annoying features such as ghosting. On top of this there are sturdier mice that are also more ergonomic to fit the grip of your hand.

Alternatively, many gamers will use USB controllers. If you’re used to a keyboard and mouse, you may prefer to stick with methods, but those who have more console experience and have moved to PC gaming may prefer to buy an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

 Gaming Machine

Swap your screen

If you’re still using a standard monitor, you might not be able to spot opponents as quickly as they can spot you. Many of the pros are now using UHD (Ultra High Definition) monitors – sometimes more than one to give them more visual range and options. There are all kinds of screens out there and you’re best reading a few gaming monitor reviews first to find the one best suited to your means and budget. Remember to optimise in-game visual settings after installing to fully appreciate the difference.


Gaming Machine

Graduate your graphics

A new graphics card can greatly boost your gaming performance, upping the frames per second and speeding up your reaction. High-end graphics cards can sell for hundreds, sometimes over a grand – it’s not worth paying this amount unless you’re playing on multiple screens or own your own personal cinema. Some pros will also overclock their graphics cards to push up their capability. There are many online tutorials on how to do this, but it’s not recommended if you’ve never opened up a computer before – you don’t want to damage your card and then not be able to play anything. Various optimisation features on your computer can also improve your graphics without fiddling around with your card.

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Step up your sound

Sound quality might not matter much on all games, but it can make your gaming experience all the more immersive. Buying a surround sound system for your room could rev up the intensity of action games and enhance the fear factor of horror games. Having a good left/right ratio is the most important aspect when it comes to gaming, alerting you as to where gunshots or footsteps may be coming from. Other specs may simply be fun to try and look out for such as adjustable bass for making explosions more realistic and wireless capability so that they can be placed anywhere in the room without having to trail cable around. Similar to graphics, make sure to make use of your new advanced sound system by boosting in-game audio levels.


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